Friday, September 17, 2010

Superstitions & Weddings

I can't believe how much has happened in a week! Where do I start?!

We had my dad & sister Jeannene over to watch the BYU vs Air Force football game last Saturday. My family has a lot of superstitions about football, and I spent most of the morning doing super productive stuff! My mother in law Wendy & I went to Tai Pan Trading in Salt Lake for my first time - OH MY GOSH BAD IDEA! I am so in love with absolutely everything there! 3 bags of stuff later, we escaped the store and got home where Jeannene (my sister) & I set everything up and cleaned up as quickly as we could before we drove back to Salt Lake to pick up my dad. During the commercial breaks, I would get up and clean something - the dishes, the laundry, make the bed, anything - because a clean house means a BYU win! Unfortunately it didn't work this week, but hey I had a SUPER clean house and all of my Fall Decor put up so its ok!

We had a veggie tray, 2 different kinds of chips & BBQ Ranch burgers (Jake is the best BBQ'er EVER)

Because of our loss on Saturday, I made a goal on Sunday to be as productive as humanly possible this week. I made a VERY long To Do List and set off to run errands Monday morning after I got Jake tucked into bed (he works graveyards, so he sleeps when I am awake). I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond, Wal Mart, made a deposit at our bank and then a payment on the Jeep at a different bank, went to Tai Pan to return a few items that I had purchased too many of, went to IKEA to get some throw pillows for our couch, and then went to the grocery store to do the weekly shopping. It took 7 trips in the house to get everything in - the back seat and the trunk of the Jeep were SO full. Then, Jake & I went to Kjell Gerber & Paige Johnson's dinner they were having for family and friends the night before their wedding!

Jake was sooo tired, but so excited for Kjell 

These flowers were the centerpieces - I LOVE Gerber Daisies!! 

All of the water bottles had a pink label wrapped around them with green font that said "Paige & Kjell" - so cute!! 

They had catered Cafe Rio - SO yummy!!

The next day, after making sure Jake was asleep, I ran a few MORE errands - I went to cash Jake's bonus check, go make ANOTHER payment on the Jeep (we are making SERIOUS progress!) and go to fill out some final paperwork at Bank of American Fork BECAUSE I GOT THE JOB!!! They called and officially offered the position the next day, but I knew Tuesday that I had got the job. I start on Monday (September 20th). I came home and cleaned up the house a little bit, then made home made Fajita's for dinner (and accidentally woke Jake up between the slap chop and the smell of sauteed onions and green peppers - oops). Then, we picked up our good friend Kyle and went to Kjell & Paige's reception! 

Mr. & Mrs. Kjell Gerber! 

Super cute sign in table - scrapbook pages with their engagements and bridals on them! 

Their ADORABLE cake - I absolutely LOVE it!! 

Kjell's grooms cake - it had coconut sprinkled on it for "powder" and a styrofoam of him snowboarding down the mountain! 

The 3 high school buddies - Jake, Kjell & Kyle 

All 3 buddies showing off their wedding bling! 

The rest of the week was nowhere near as exciting - just more cleaning and running errands so that I can have as productive of a week as possible. We went and had the power steering on Jake's Mazda fixed (since its part of the recall) and are in the process of buying new tires for the Mazda as well (I HATE TIRE SHOPPING FYI). Hopefully we can finish up all the last minute errands today and that way BYU can slaughter Florida State tomorrow (not likely, but hey at least I will have a SUPER clean house and have had a way productive week!). Gotta love BYU superstitions... 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

BYU vs. Washington

This past Saturday (September 4) we went to BYU's first home game against Washington!! We have season tickets on the south east endzone, thanks to my wonderful mother (thank you mom!).

The game started at 5 PM and because of where we sit, we had the great opportunity to get a tan lol. When we got to the game, it was 97 degrees! SO hot - oh my gosh. We drank 6 bottles of water between the two of us.

View of the field from our seats! 

Beautiful blue skies & matching Cougars shirts


Love my wonderful hubby! 

The half time program was awesome - they had all of Lavell Edwards All American Quarterbacks there - including Ty Detmer, Steve Young & Robbie Bosco! And of course, LaVell was there too - and Elder Jeffrey R Holland from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. 

The best part of the game was when 4th quarter started - we were ahead, the air was perfectly crisp and cool (perfect fall football weather) and the sun went down, creating a beautiful sunset and illuminating LaVell Edwards Stadium under the lights. I LOVE games under the lights - they are my very favorite!

After the game, we stayed in the stadium until most of the fans were gone and walked to the bottom section dead center in the south endzone - oh I would LOVE seats there too! We then walked to the car and started the process of trying to get out of Provo/Orem with all of the traffic. To wait it out, we decided to go get some dinner (at 9:30 PM lol) at Smashburger in Orem just south of University Mall. 

I HIGHLY recommend it! SO delicious. For those of you who have not been there, click here to see their menu. Jake & I both got the Spicy Baja (I LOVE avocado's so it was the obvious choice) and their shakes come in the glass tall cups like diners & with a tin cup! TRY THEM!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Bit About Me...

Well, its happened - I have finally joined the blogging world! I figured since its my first blog posting I should fill ya'll in on what is going on with me lately!

First things first - lets talk about my wonderful family! I am happily married for just over a year to the most amazing man in the world - Jake McClellan. I am so lucky to have him in my life. He is incredibly supportive of every goal I have with my life and is without any competition the most patient person I have ever known. 

He and I met in July 2008 - through Facebook - and got married August 17, 2009 in Lindon, UT at Wadley Farms Orchard. It was an amazing, wonderful, perfect day - one that we will both always remember.

We decided to start our family in November 2009 and got our dog Max - he is 3/4 Maltese & 1/4 Yorkie. He is a little over a year old now, and a wonderfully furry addition to our family! 

Jake, Max & I currently live with my WONDERFUL in-laws (Jake's parents) in Lehi. They have a beautiful basement apartment in their house that we have lived in since April. We are in the process of getting out of debt so that we can buy a house without having any car payments and we are more than half way done - we paid off the Mazda at the end of August and will hopefully pay off the Jeep by Thanksgiving!!

Jake's 2008 Mazda3

My 2005 Jeep Liberty

Jake currently works at US Synthetic in Orem, UT and has been there for 5 years! He is currently working graveyards and has been on this shift for most of the 5 years he has been with the company. He loves his job :)
As of today, I am unemployed and I feel INCREDIBLY relieved to say that. For the past 2+ years, I have worked at eBay Corporation in Draper and although it is a wonderful company, lets just say its for employees with a much higher stress threshold than mine!

I am hoping to find a job part time in the banking industry so that I can work through the week and then have weekends and holidays off with my family as they are the most important thing in the world to me!