Wednesday, July 31, 2013


When I started losing weight 18 months ago, I remember seeing someone post pictures about having a fit pregnancy. And I was instantly motivated. After all, the whole reason I wanted to lose weight was to be a mom. 

This January, my eating-healthy motivation started to slack. I kept working out, but I was definitely screwing up on my eating more often. And I started gaining weight. Not plateauing - gaining. By the time we got pregnant, I'd gained about 25 pounds. Not so awesome. 

And even though I knew I could exercise while pregnant, I stopped. And I stopped counting calories. And then I was surprised at my 16 week appointment when I had gained 10 pounds since my 12 week appointment. Kaycee is growing but not that fast. There's no reason to gain that much that fast, especially where I was overweight to start my pregnancy. 

And I am doing something about it. 

I worked out today for the first time since my half marathon. I did burn circuit 1 from ChaLean Extreme. First time I have done a Chalene Johnson workout since I found out I was pregnant. That means its been 12 weeks since I did one of her workouts. That's 3 months. And that's bad for me. I love Chalene. She motivates me like none other. Going that long without her wasn't a good idea. But like I said, I am doing something about it. 

I am going to start doing SOMETHING everyday. Yoga, taking max for a walk, doing ChaLean Extreme - whatever. Something needs to happen EVERYDAY. I need to keep moving. I feel SOOO different today now that I have worked out. I have accomplished a lot in the last few hours. I am WANTING to watch what I eat - to only fuel my body & Kaycee's with good things. And that is ONLY because I got my sweat on.

I am going to make this my Knowledge Value project to re earn my YW medallion as a leader. I am going to complete CLX in the time frame given - 3 times a week, every week, for 12 weeks. Along with exercising, I am going to eat healthy. Watch my portions. Not diet. Not starve. Eat healthy. Eat more vegetables and less crackers. 

I took a few pictures after I was done with my workout and I don't love what the pictures look like. I will post them after the 12 weeks are over with a side by side of what I look like then. By then I'll be 30 weeks pregnant. And even though my belly will be bigger {obviously} the rest of me is going to look better. 

Just wait and see. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kaycee's 15 Week Ultrasound

Finally got around to uploading Kaycee's ultrasound pictures to my laptop! Only took me 2 weeks haha - could have been worse! 

Our little peanut. I seriously fell in love at this point. The last ultra sound, she looked like a tadpole. But now, there is a real little person inside me! 
Look at that cute nose! 
Another real good shot of her side
She was 9 CM long
Look at how high her little legs are - she is probably kicking me and I just can't quite feel it yet. Soon, little one! 
Being Miss Modest putting her hand between her legs so that we couldn't see she was a "miss"
Another profile shot after she moved her hand back up to her face. Good girl!
The little lines mean it's a girl. Good thing that someone else knows that because I have no idea what I am looking at!
Another shot between her legs from the angle of her bum. Seriously, no idea what I am looking at here haha
She keeps her hands up by her face. Prepping for all those phone conversations haha
She has 5 little fingers
Got her hands in "turbo" position. She's gonna be just like her mom :)
We love our little princess already. Seeing a real little person in there makes throwing up 4 times yesterday so much easier to handle! Can't wait until we go to her 20 week appointment and get to see her again!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Life Lessons From Jake

We have been working on our front yard {post to come} and yesterday my sisters came to help. While they were there, Jake kept giving them "life lessons from Jake" - things that he thought they should make sure to know in life. We all laughed {some of them were silly things like "make sure you always have shoes with you" - my sisters are anti shoes} and joked about them, but in reality Jake has taught me SO many "life lessons" in the few years we have been together.

He has taught me that stability at a job can happen at any age. You don't have to be old to say that you have stuck with a job for years - you can do that starting right out of high school. Jake is coming up on 8 years in September at his job. 8 years! I don't think I've done ANYTHING for 8 years!

He has taught me that hard work, no matter how you feel, sometimes needs to happen. He got SUPER sunburnt yesterday working in the yard and still got up and worked on the yard again today. By himself. No complaints. And because of his hard work, our front yard looks amazing.

He has taught me how fun life can be. It doesn't have to be this super crappy stressful dramatic event. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured. And he is a PERFECT example of that. He is SO good at getting things done that need to be done, and then finding energy for doing fun things.

Even though I didn't drive this car, this is one of my favorite moments in my life. Seeing his face, hearing his reactions, was one of the most rewarding experiences ever.
He has taught me the importance of laughing at situations that suck. I heard this expression once that you should laugh so you don't cry. Jake is great at that. Everything just rolls off of him, like water on a duck. He can shake everything off, no matter how bad it sucks or how unfair it is and find a silver lining. We were talking last night about one of our biggest fights we ever got in, in our first year of marriage {seriously, I am SOO happy we never have to go through that year again} and how we fought because I got mad that he was laughing off a situation when I thought it was an absolute apocalyptic-end-of-the-world situation. He is amazing at being upbeat when I just want to curl up in a ball and give up.

That smile is worse than puppy dog eyes. I'd give him the world if I could every time he smiles like that
He has taught me what a really good "dad" can look like. It doesn't mean you make a million dollars and have the best house with the most gorgeous baby clothes and toys. And yeah, I know Kaycee isn't here yet. And Max is only a dog. But sometimes, the things he does and says with Max just make me melt. And seeing him with our nieces just kills me. Watching him play with them, or talk to them, is adorable. Seeing him talk to my teenage sisters about awkward situations so that they know there is a guy in their life that cares about them is earth shattering for me. Seeing him make faces at the baby in front of us at church just melts me.  Seeing him say and do things for our princess, already, seriously makes me cry. Seeing him work in the yard or fix the car and do "dad" things just amazes me every time. I have a great dad - I love my dad. But those aren't things I remember seeing my dad do growing up. And my kids will have a dad that knows how to do those things. That can show them how to check their oil or change a tire. That can help them do things themselves to help them save money in life.

He has taught me how worth it is to serve and work hard for other people, especially people you love. I would move heaven and earth for him. He is that person that pulls over on the side of the road to give gloves to a homeless man in December, or a $5 bill to someone in need of help. The guy that will work an extra shift to help out when they need it at work, even when he isn't the lead for that crew. The guy that will stay late at church cleaning up the building when everyone else left. The guy that shovels the driveway at the crack of dawn so that I can make it to work safely.

And I can tell it's true what they say about having kids - you don't have to share your love, your heart gets bigger and it can just handle loving more people. Finding out we are having a baby has been so fun, and I love Kaycee already. And I feel like, if anything, my love for Jake has only increased. I don't have to love him less because someone else will have my attention. I can love him even more.

I am so grateful for you, babe. For how hard you work for our family. For the income you provide for our family. Especially since I will be able to stay home with Kaycee once she is here. For how hard you worked to go to the Temple. For how diligent you are in fulfilling your calling each week. For the fact that I haven't had to sit alone in Sacrament Meeting for a very long time. For waking me up when I'm sleeping on my back to make sure that I don't hurt me or Kaycee. For all your help around the house. For how you treat my sisters. For how you keep our cars running. For making me smile. For letting us go all the way to Idaho to get our practice child Max. For being my rock and my everything. You're amazing, and I love you so much.

17 weeks - a sweet potato

So I decided that I am going to blog my week changes on the day I change. This'll be pretty short since I just barely blogged my 16 weeks, but here's my 17 week post! Miss Kaycee is now the size of a sweet potato.

Not a whole lot has changed in the last few days.  I did realize that I forgot to mention all my headaches. I am getting TONS of headaches. Not sure why. And I don't EVER drink soda, so people keep mentioning maybe caffeine will help. I seriously hope it doesn't get to the point that I need to do that. I am just taking TONS of Tylenol each day. And it's starting to get old. The Tylenol only lasts for a few hours and then I need to take it again. Good times right. I don't think the heat is helping either. It is SOOOO hot outside right now!
I still absolutely love being pregnant. I love this little miss. It's crazy how strong I feel about her already, even though I haven't ever seen her, and I can't feel her. I really do love her already. I didn't think that would happen yet. Goes to show how heart less I am haha. But I do - she's already got me wrapped around her itty bitty fingers.
I can't wait until we get to the 20 week mark so that we can start working on her room and her dresser. We are going to try to get the things moved out of her room that aren't for her this weekend, but we aren't going to paint or anything until the 20 week mark like I promised Jake. It's hard to wait! At the same time, it's nice having that to look forward to.
Miss Kaycee, mom sure loves you. Try to move around a little more so maybe I can feel you this week :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

24th of July

Living in Utah, and working at a bank, I got the day off for Pioneer Day. It's the day that Utah became a state - that the Pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. And it's an AWESOME excuse to get the day off! And because my husband works for an AMAZING company as well, he got the day off too! WOOT!!

We started out the day by driving up to Bountiful for Brynne & my Uncle Gordon's half marathon. This is Brynne's first half marathon without me. Sniff. That's hard for me, but I am SOO proud of her for doing it!! She told us not to come up, because it is such a drive, but my youngest 2 sisters & I decided we'd go up anyway. Jeannene & Popper came over to my house and we drove up together and got there minutes before she crossed the finish line!

Ok so this isn't creepy that I took a picture AT ALL but I LOVE THIS!! He ran behind her for the last little bit as she crossed the finish line. What a supportive husband!! Brynne said that he was at mile 8 or 9 too cheering for her there too. How fun :) 
Brynne's coming!! She is wearing the white shirt!!
She always sprints the last little bit. Look at that motion shot. Thank you iPhone!
She was so excited we were there :)
Running to the finish line!
After she crossed the finish line, we all gave her hugs and then she and Blake got some free breakfast with her half marathon bib number. We stayed and spent time with them while they ate, and then we all drove back to our house so that we could go swimming at our pool. While we were driving, Jake got filled in on a huge text conversation that has been going on between my sisters & my mom for a few days that involves how funny selfies are. He got out of the car and immediately took a selfie and used some bathroom humor hashtags to go with it and sent it to the group message for my mom and sisters to see. Hilarious.
Love my hubby's selfies
And then I took zero pictures of us swimming but it was really fun. We swam and talked and played with a football for a while and then went back to our house and had Pizza Hut Pizza while we watched part of Top Gun. Blake needed to get to work, so Brynne & Blake left and Jake & I wanted to take a nap so Jeannene & Popper left too to go home. We took a nap for a few hours and then got up and got ready, then went and bought birthday presents for our nieces. Their birthdays are at the beginning of August and they won't be here {they live with their mom in AZ} so we celebrated with them early.

We started out the night with amazing BBQ hamburgers with all the fixings {including avocado - YUM!},  corn on the cob, macaroni shrimp salad, chips & salsa, a veggie tray and baked beans. We had TONS of food. After we were all stuffed full and had cleaned up the kitchen, it was time to open gifts. They opened the gift from me & Jake first.

Love these two little girls SO much
We got them a BIG box of different coloring & art supplies. Jake picked it out after we walked around looking at toys for 20 minutes with no idea what to get. Good job Jake!
They also each got a jump rope with princesses on the handles and Minnie Mouse Bubble Bath
Then they opened the gift from Macy & Clint!

Can they get any cuter? Seriously?!
Looking at it, wondering what it is...
It's kinda like paper dolls, but they are magnets! And they are mermaids! And they are stored in the magnetic box they come in so they don't get lost! SOO cute!!
After we were finished opening presents, we all went outside to jump rope. Kenzie & Emrie went barefoot and within minutes had some BLACK feet!

Cute!! Lol not. Good thing they had showers before bed!
Kenzie jumping :)
Look at Emrie's air! And her face! Hahahah I love it!
Clint & Macy playing on his longboard
We had a big jump rope out too that the whole family jumped in. I have a really cute video of Kenzie & Jake jumping together. I will have to see if there is a way for me to load it to YouTube so ya'll can see. Every time we all get the jump rope out, all the neighbor kids flock to the house. This was no exception - they all jumped rope and then helped us sing to Kenzie & Emrie and we had cake & ice cream!

Cute cake for cute girls
Everyone singing to them
Blowing the candles out!
We all sat on the driveway and ate cake and ice cream. It was adorable to see everyone lined up on grass eating together. Such cute friends!

Jake & Clint became our pyro-technics after that and we all enjoyed a fun firework display. We have TONS of bottle rockets - seriously, TONS. We lit off probably close to 100 of them and still have cases we haven't opened. Jake had a great idea to light them and put them in a metal pipe so that no one had to hold them and get sparks on them. Good idea love! We started taping multiple rockets together and launching them. Yeah that isn't dangerous AT ALL. It was really fun though. On the 4th of July we bought a little pack of fireworks and didn't end up using them, so we used them last night along with the bottle rockets and had a nice little firework show. I am so grateful Jake is into pyro- technics because I sure am not! It was a great 24th of July!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

16 weeks - a turnip

Even though my weeks change on Friday's, I don't have a set day that I have set aside to blog about my pregnancy. Maybe I should start talking about it ON Friday's. We'll see how that goes. Either way, here's my 16 week post.

I failed to mention in my 16 week midwife appointment post that my midwife gave me a prescription for an anti nausea medicine. I haven't gone and picked it up yet, but I need to. I haven't thrown up since last week, which is nice but I feel really nauseous most of the time and that's so not fun. She said that I don't have to take the medicine everyday - just when I feel like I need it. That makes me feel better, but I didn't want to take medicine throughout my pregnancy. And that's why I haven't picked it up yet.

I've been having LOTS of nightmares lately that Miss Kaycee is born right now, which is FAR too early for her to survive. I have 2 or 3 dreams a week and always have a hard time making myself realize that it WAS a dream, that she ISN'T here yet. Still makes me very nervous though. It's got to the point that every single prayer I say, whether it's at breakfast or dinner or at night or whatever, I say how glad I am she is still in there and please let her stay there until end of December/beginning of January when it's the SAFE time for her to come out. Hopefully the Lord doesn't have other plans.

I have a friend from high school who had her daughter at 24 weeks this past week. That's like Kaycee being here in 2 months, instead of nearly 6 months from now. And this friend's little girl {Lacey} is TINY. They posted a picture on Facebook of her next to a tube of Chapstick and I can't get that image out of my head. She is BARELY bigger than this Chapstick. And yet, she is alive. It's amazing that even though she is so small, she looks just like a person. Just a VERY small person. For some reason, that is a huge testimony builder for me. That someone so small can still survive. The Lord truly made amazing gifts when he made our bodies. It's astonishing how much they can handle.

Aside from being a little nauseous and being paranoid she is going to be born any day now, I am really starting to enjoy this whole pregnancy thing. It's been really fun knowing that it's a girl and getting to call her by what we think her name is going to be. The first time someone other than me called her Kaycee, I felt really possessive of her name and was bugged they were calling her that. Good thing I have time to get used to it haha. This isn't some cute nickname that just mom  gets to call her - we are talking about HER NAME - something everyone will call her. It's starting to sound more normal having other people call her that though. I like how it sounds.

I am DEFINITELY still not used to people unexpectedly touching "the bump" that is not really existent yet. I don't know if I will ever get used to that. I am not a touchy feely kinda person - other than hugs, when I want them, I don't really touch other people. So having people unannounced come up and rub my stomach is AWKWARD! Hopefully I get used to it. Or people stop haha. I don't foresee that coming though.

I am definitely starting to notice those pregnancy hormones too. I feel irritated at stupid things, and I feel like crying over dumb things. Last night, I got Max out of his crate and brought him to bed with me after midnight because I didn't want to sleep alone. Even though I usually sleep alone and have for like 25 years. Last night I just couldn't handle it. So I brought my sleepy puppy into the room and he immediately passed out on the bed and I kept petting him and talking to him and totally started crying at how much I love my dog. OK SERIOUSLY?! I don't cry. It takes A LOT to get me to cry. Unless it's the right person. Jake does LOTS of things that get me to do a good cry. I don't do sad cry very often. And not many other people can get the happy cry. Kaycee has only got it once - at the ultra sound we found out what she was. But lately, the more pregnant I get, the more I noticed that I cry easier. Gotta love the hormones. Good thing I knew to expect this or I would feel REALLY out of whack haha.

I am so grateful that I am pregnant. That she is healthy. That I am not throwing up every single day, every single meal. That I was able to cut my hours back at work, even though it means less money. That Jake's job is going so well and that he will most likely {fingers crossed} be going to day shift before Kaycee is here. For our home, and that it holds all of our stuff plus having TONS of extra room in the basement, while having a mortgage we could afford. Heavenly Father really knew what he was doing having us wait for THIS house. Things have worked out FAR too well on this house for it to not be where we are supposed to be. I might have to do a whole separate blog post dedicated to that. But for now, just know I am feeling incredibly grateful.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A trip to Hobby Lobby

A few weekends ago, I had the chance to go to Hobby Lobby with Jake's mom to help her decorate their living room. They just got all new furniture in there and needed new décor to go with it! It was so much fun helping her pick stuff out, and while I was there, I found the PERFECT thing for our big blank wall in the living room!

I had been thinking I wanted to do a photo collage on that wall, but we have pictures hanging on the wall opposite of it, and I LOVE that display, so I have been debating. And then I saw this and just knew this is what we needed to get! I want to take some of our favorite pictures and add them to the ledge up top - the décor up there is a bit boring. But that will come later since all my décor money is about to go to Kaycee's room haha!

Here's our new rod iron scroll on the wall. And it was 50% off - woot!! Jake did an amazing job of hanging it for me, with one nail, one try. Right in a stud. He is great - I would have made a MESS of the wall if I did it by myself. Thanks love!!

Love how it turned out!! Wendy bought the same one for their living room too!
Vertical view. It turned out great. And we can add things on the sides if we want later down the road!
After we were done at Hobby Lobby, we went to Wal Mart to get some throw pillows for Wendy's new couches. I happened to see this green throw pillow and loved it for our bedroom, so I got it!

Love the pop of color it adds to this side of the room - matches our green curtains on the windows!
I love decorating. And I really like working on our room. Gotta enjoy it while I can since I have a feeling ALL our money will be going to Miss Kaycee's room for a while!

Reaction to our announcement!

As you know, last week we announced what we were having. We told Jake's family on Saturday the 13 & my family on Sunday the 14th. And Facebook found out on the 15th. We had some great reactions!

To see the video Jake made of our families reactions {minus my dad - we haven't told him yet}, click on the video here. I am so proud of Jake - he did SUCH a great job making this video!

Facebook had a great good reaction too - I feel so popular when we get so many "likes" on our pictures haha!

Yay for telling everyone about our princess!

And PS the video is still coming for our families reaction to the announcement we are pregnant. I can't wait to post it!! 

16 week appointment

Last Thursday I had my 16 week appointment with my midwife. I got to meet with Dena Walker again. She's the midwife I met with at my 12 week appointment. And I LOVE her! I feel SO comfortable talking to her about everything. We started out the appointment with my weight and blood pressure. Blood pressure is good, which is great since I had pretty high blood pressure a few years ago but I gained 10 pounds since my 12 week appointment. 10!!! GOOD GRIEF!

She came in after that and started with looking for Miss Kaycee's heart beat. I wanted to talk about my weight gain first thing haha. I was really upset that I had gained so much. She said part of it might be because I had a morning appointment last time and this was an evening appointment, but we talked about some things I can do to slow down the weight gain {not avoid it or lose because she made it very clear I am not on a diet} and I have already started implementing some of those things. I've been eating lots more vegetables, like I talked about in my 16 week post, and I have been limiting fruit to 2 servings a day. I also stopped having peanut butter with my fruit in the morning. Tastes amazing, yes, but is high on the calorie chart in exchange for the few grams of protein I get. I just need to start eating other forms of protein more. I am still eating dairy like it's going out of style. 

Anyway, back to my appointment.

She found her heart beat SUPER fast, which made me excited. At my 12 week, we had to look around a bit before we found it. It was nice finding it so fast this time. Right at the right pace, so good job Miss! Then I started asking her TONS of questions about birth stuff. I had a mini freak out on Wednesday night about giving birth and was telling Jake I wasn't sure I could do it. Getting to ask her all my questions made me feel a lot more comfortable, and how professionally she handled it made me comfortable talking about pretty personal stuff. I am so glad I have a guarantee that the person delivering my baby will be a girl!

Overall it was a great appointment. Other than hearing her heart beat and asking questions, not too eventful. My next appointment at 20 weeks we have our ultrasound, so we can confirm that little miss is actually a little miss! And we will get to make sure that everything is going great medically! That appointment is August 19. That's going to be a GREAT couple of days, since we are getting sealed on our anniversary! Yay for August!

Days of 47 Rodeo

Last Friday, Jake & I had the chance to go to the Days of 47 Rodeo with our really good friends Kyle & Calli Brooks! Kyle won tickets on the radio, and they asked us if we wanted to go with them for free! Uh yes!! After I got off work, we relaxed at home for a bit and then drove up to Sandy to carpool the rest of the way to the Delta Center/Energy Solutions Arena with Kyle. Then we picked Calli up at her work, just south of the Delta Center and drove over together. Jake was STARVING and wanted to eat first, but the rodeo was starting soon so we got him a taco salad once we got to the rodeo. He was thrilled about having his picture taken haha!

He's so cute. I sure love this guy!
He let me eat some of the shell - it was SUPER good!
After we were done eating, we found our awesome seats and sat down to watch the rodeo. We think they had the A/C turned off - it was SOOO hot in there! We were all fanning ourselves with our programs haha.

Bull riding on the other end of the arena. The team events all happened on our side of the arena
Bull riding scares me haha!
Sure love this guy!!
So glad we have these two friends - love them!
After the rodeo was over, we walked back to the Gateway where we had parked and got some frozen yogurt. I got peanut butter, of course. But I regretted it as soon as I tasted Jake's raspberry yogurt. OH IT WAS GOOD! Might have to get some frozen yogurt again soon so that I can get a berry kind because that was delicious. It was a really fun night, especially since the tickets were free! Thanks Kyle & Calli!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

15 weeks - an avocado

Since I will be 16 weeks tomorrow, I should probably do a 15 week update haha!

This week, our little miss is the size of an avocado. And those sound good ALL the time now! Veggies in general sound good again, which is a WELCOME change! I haven't really ate veggies, AT ALL, since I found out I was pregnant. At the very beginning, I would eat them and GAG them down, and then around 7 weeks I decided to take a break from them and they just now sound good. So about 2 months with no veggies. And my body was REALLY starting to notice. I REALLY have been craving them! Monday I wanted to get a sandwich from Jimmy John's {#12 - Beach Club - it's what I ALWAYS get and yes, it has avocado on it haha} but the veggies were what really sounded good on the sandwich. I ended up getting KFC for dinner {yeah nutrition fail} and then by Tuesday I NEEDED veggies so I bought some while I was at the store and also got a bag of salad to eat. I opened the bag in our big salad bowl, mixed it up and then ate the whole thing. A family sized bag of salad. Told ya I was craving veggies!

The last teeny bit of my salad before I finished it
Yesterday {Wednesday} I really wanted some veggies again, so I got out the bag of baby carrots I had bought at the store. Max started going CRAZY. I forgot how much he likes carrots - it seemed like he missed them almost as much as me!!

He was sitting so patient, just staring at the carrots. He LOVES carrots!
I ate half the bag before I made myself put it away so that I could eat some more today. Today is my 16 week appointment with my midwife, and before my appointment I am taking the car to get the oil changed, which means I will be eating lunch out today. So what sounds good? Mexican food - a salad - with guacamole on it. So while my car is at Jiffy Lube, I will be walking the 10 steps to Café El Lago for a Taco Salad today! Only another 2 hours - can't wait!

This week I have also been eating more fruits. I have had an apple & a banana everyday, usually both with peanut butter. I love that peanut butter has some protein in it. I don't feel like that's really a craving, since I loved peanut butter before I got pregnant. I've also started having Clif bars as part of my morning snacks. So I have a Clif bar first usually around 10 ish, then a banana with some peanut butter on it around 12, and then an apple right before I leave the branch at 2. I keep a jar of peanut butter in my desk so that I can use a knife to get it out and spread it on my apple or banana. The Clif bars I have been eating are great, but they are pretty big and with my fruit it's a bit much, so I bought some of the "mini" Clif bars instead.

It's been nice that I am not eating tons of salty stuff anymore. Chips and salty things don't sound very good right now. Sugar doesn't sound great either. Just peanut butter, guacamole/avocado and fruits/veggies haha. That's a pretty limited diet so I try to squeeze chicken or beef in there at night with dinner, and some milk with breakfast. I bought bagels with strawberry cream cheese the last time I went to the store, and that's been my breakfast every morning since haha.

We also announced on Facebook this past Monday that miss Kaycee is a miss. I knew I wanted to involve BYU somehow, since I am hoping she'll be a fan just like her mom. I found this ADORABLE onesie on BYU's bookstore website and posted this as our announcement! I can't wait to go buy this for her!

I still am not feeling super great, but I am hoping that will pass around 16 weeks, since rumor has it that's when it goes away. Since last Friday, I have only thrown up 3 times, so not too bad! But more than anything, since that ultra sound, being sick just seems so worth it. Yeah I'd love to not be sick but it's ok, because she is SO going to be worth it! Miss Kaycee, I sure love you!