Monday, July 15, 2013

It's a...

So Friday we went and found out the sex of our little avocado. And let me just tell you. It was one of the best experiences of my whole life.

We got to the mall and found Fetal Studio, checked in, and immediately went back to the room. We decided we wanted to do the package that comes with a DVD, so they started out by getting the DVD recording and then started the ultrasound.

And let me just tell you - seeing that little avocado on the screen - a little person - inside me - was the coolest feeling EVER. They had the CUTEST little button nose, and they were moving all over the place. Super active hands!!

Right before the tech guy went to check what we were having, little M put their hand between their legs - Mr./Mrs. Modesty! It was super cute! But they moved their hand right away and we got a clear shot of our little Princess.

Yep, we are having a girl.

And let me just tell you, I didn't feel the LEAST bit disappointed.

I almost started crying at how much I loved this little girl already. And she's still teeny tiny.

The rest of the ultrasound was amazing. She got the hiccups. Oh I die. I am SO in love. I can't feel it yet, but OH I can't wait until I do!

She kept her little hands up by her face A LOT. I think it's because she's like her mom and is going to like doing Turbo. In Turbo, just like in kickboxing, you gotta keep your hands by your face to protect your face {it helps you engage your core} and she kept both hands right up by her face. We have a shot of both hands up in Turbo position. Seriously, little princess, I just love you.

Jake seemed ok - I was hoping he wouldn't be TOO bummed but he seemed fascinated looking at our little miss on the screen. After we were done, we were both really smiley and he didn't say much as we walked out of the store. We looked in a couple stores nearby but didn't see anything Jake wanted. As we got closer to the doors, I wanted to go look at Fanzz to see if they had any pink BYU baby clothes. No such luck, but we were in a Salt Lake Fanzz. Jake kept being pretty quiet until we got outside and all the sudden he goes, "Great - now we have to pay for a wedding!!" Haha yes, love, we do, but not for 20 ish years so it's ok. We got time to save.

The whole rest of the day, I kept calling her princess. I threw up twice that night and although I felt AWFUL, it was ok. I feel like there is a reason why I am doing this now. I know I was pregnant before, but now that I have seen that there is something that looks like a person in there, someone moving and alive, it makes it seem so much more worth it. It makes being nauseous and gaining weight and puking my guts out 6-7 times a week totally ok.

Saturday, I referred to me and the baby as the princesses. "Princesses want to go to Kneaders for breakfast." "The princesses want to go to a movie today." Jake just smiled at me every time. He calls me princess anyway, so now he gets to have 2 princesses!

We told our parents over the weekend - Jake's family on Saturday and my family Sunday night. Jake recorded both reactions on his GoPro - as soon as we get the recordings on YouTube I will post a link for ya'll to see.

We are pretty sure we already have a name picked out. Kaycee Marie. I fell in love with the name a while ago, probably when Jake & I were dating. We decided while we were dating that we would name our first baby something to do with "Kay" since that was his Grandpa's name that he was very close to and really misses. If it was a boy, we didn't have any concrete names, but I knew a while ago that I liked Kaycee - spelled that way - and I remember asking Jake about it and him saying he liked it. But it feels REALLY weird thinking we already have a name picked out and I'm only 15 weeks pregnant. We don't have to nail the name down yet, obviously, but I think we picked the name for our little princess.

Miss Kaycee, mom loves you so much. According to my app, you can hear me when I talk as of this week, so I talk to you a lot. So far, dad hasn't overheard us talking. He might think it's pretty weird. But I think it's fun getting to talk to you. Saying good morning and good night to you has become a part of my daily routine. I can't wait until I get to add a kiss and snuggle to that routine. I love you, princess!


  1. You are too cute! I love that you already have a name practically and that you talk to her and everything. You're going to be a darling mom!

  2. Hurray for a little girl!!!! I am so excited for you both! I loved this post and how you talk out loud to her - too cute!