Tuesday, July 23, 2013

16 weeks - a turnip

Even though my weeks change on Friday's, I don't have a set day that I have set aside to blog about my pregnancy. Maybe I should start talking about it ON Friday's. We'll see how that goes. Either way, here's my 16 week post.

I failed to mention in my 16 week midwife appointment post that my midwife gave me a prescription for an anti nausea medicine. I haven't gone and picked it up yet, but I need to. I haven't thrown up since last week, which is nice but I feel really nauseous most of the time and that's so not fun. She said that I don't have to take the medicine everyday - just when I feel like I need it. That makes me feel better, but I didn't want to take medicine throughout my pregnancy. And that's why I haven't picked it up yet.

I've been having LOTS of nightmares lately that Miss Kaycee is born right now, which is FAR too early for her to survive. I have 2 or 3 dreams a week and always have a hard time making myself realize that it WAS a dream, that she ISN'T here yet. Still makes me very nervous though. It's got to the point that every single prayer I say, whether it's at breakfast or dinner or at night or whatever, I say how glad I am she is still in there and please let her stay there until end of December/beginning of January when it's the SAFE time for her to come out. Hopefully the Lord doesn't have other plans.

I have a friend from high school who had her daughter at 24 weeks this past week. That's like Kaycee being here in 2 months, instead of nearly 6 months from now. And this friend's little girl {Lacey} is TINY. They posted a picture on Facebook of her next to a tube of Chapstick and I can't get that image out of my head. She is BARELY bigger than this Chapstick. And yet, she is alive. It's amazing that even though she is so small, she looks just like a person. Just a VERY small person. For some reason, that is a huge testimony builder for me. That someone so small can still survive. The Lord truly made amazing gifts when he made our bodies. It's astonishing how much they can handle.

Aside from being a little nauseous and being paranoid she is going to be born any day now, I am really starting to enjoy this whole pregnancy thing. It's been really fun knowing that it's a girl and getting to call her by what we think her name is going to be. The first time someone other than me called her Kaycee, I felt really possessive of her name and was bugged they were calling her that. Good thing I have time to get used to it haha. This isn't some cute nickname that just mom  gets to call her - we are talking about HER NAME - something everyone will call her. It's starting to sound more normal having other people call her that though. I like how it sounds.

I am DEFINITELY still not used to people unexpectedly touching "the bump" that is not really existent yet. I don't know if I will ever get used to that. I am not a touchy feely kinda person - other than hugs, when I want them, I don't really touch other people. So having people unannounced come up and rub my stomach is AWKWARD! Hopefully I get used to it. Or people stop haha. I don't foresee that coming though.

I am definitely starting to notice those pregnancy hormones too. I feel irritated at stupid things, and I feel like crying over dumb things. Last night, I got Max out of his crate and brought him to bed with me after midnight because I didn't want to sleep alone. Even though I usually sleep alone and have for like 25 years. Last night I just couldn't handle it. So I brought my sleepy puppy into the room and he immediately passed out on the bed and I kept petting him and talking to him and totally started crying at how much I love my dog. OK SERIOUSLY?! I don't cry. It takes A LOT to get me to cry. Unless it's the right person. Jake does LOTS of things that get me to do a good cry. I don't do sad cry very often. And not many other people can get the happy cry. Kaycee has only got it once - at the ultra sound we found out what she was. But lately, the more pregnant I get, the more I noticed that I cry easier. Gotta love the hormones. Good thing I knew to expect this or I would feel REALLY out of whack haha.

I am so grateful that I am pregnant. That she is healthy. That I am not throwing up every single day, every single meal. That I was able to cut my hours back at work, even though it means less money. That Jake's job is going so well and that he will most likely {fingers crossed} be going to day shift before Kaycee is here. For our home, and that it holds all of our stuff plus having TONS of extra room in the basement, while having a mortgage we could afford. Heavenly Father really knew what he was doing having us wait for THIS house. Things have worked out FAR too well on this house for it to not be where we are supposed to be. I might have to do a whole separate blog post dedicated to that. But for now, just know I am feeling incredibly grateful.

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  1. I cried over frozen milk when I was pregnant. I wanted cereal so bad, and when I pulled out the milk to pour it and it was frozen, I lost it. I felt like a crazy person, haha. I wish I could tell you the hormone thing gets better, but I'm almost seven weeks post partum and I still look at Ellie and cry. :) Glad you are starting to feel less nauseated!