Monday, July 22, 2013

Days of 47 Rodeo

Last Friday, Jake & I had the chance to go to the Days of 47 Rodeo with our really good friends Kyle & Calli Brooks! Kyle won tickets on the radio, and they asked us if we wanted to go with them for free! Uh yes!! After I got off work, we relaxed at home for a bit and then drove up to Sandy to carpool the rest of the way to the Delta Center/Energy Solutions Arena with Kyle. Then we picked Calli up at her work, just south of the Delta Center and drove over together. Jake was STARVING and wanted to eat first, but the rodeo was starting soon so we got him a taco salad once we got to the rodeo. He was thrilled about having his picture taken haha!

He's so cute. I sure love this guy!
He let me eat some of the shell - it was SUPER good!
After we were done eating, we found our awesome seats and sat down to watch the rodeo. We think they had the A/C turned off - it was SOOO hot in there! We were all fanning ourselves with our programs haha.

Bull riding on the other end of the arena. The team events all happened on our side of the arena
Bull riding scares me haha!
Sure love this guy!!
So glad we have these two friends - love them!
After the rodeo was over, we walked back to the Gateway where we had parked and got some frozen yogurt. I got peanut butter, of course. But I regretted it as soon as I tasted Jake's raspberry yogurt. OH IT WAS GOOD! Might have to get some frozen yogurt again soon so that I can get a berry kind because that was delicious. It was a really fun night, especially since the tickets were free! Thanks Kyle & Calli!

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