Thursday, July 18, 2013

15 weeks - an avocado

Since I will be 16 weeks tomorrow, I should probably do a 15 week update haha!

This week, our little miss is the size of an avocado. And those sound good ALL the time now! Veggies in general sound good again, which is a WELCOME change! I haven't really ate veggies, AT ALL, since I found out I was pregnant. At the very beginning, I would eat them and GAG them down, and then around 7 weeks I decided to take a break from them and they just now sound good. So about 2 months with no veggies. And my body was REALLY starting to notice. I REALLY have been craving them! Monday I wanted to get a sandwich from Jimmy John's {#12 - Beach Club - it's what I ALWAYS get and yes, it has avocado on it haha} but the veggies were what really sounded good on the sandwich. I ended up getting KFC for dinner {yeah nutrition fail} and then by Tuesday I NEEDED veggies so I bought some while I was at the store and also got a bag of salad to eat. I opened the bag in our big salad bowl, mixed it up and then ate the whole thing. A family sized bag of salad. Told ya I was craving veggies!

The last teeny bit of my salad before I finished it
Yesterday {Wednesday} I really wanted some veggies again, so I got out the bag of baby carrots I had bought at the store. Max started going CRAZY. I forgot how much he likes carrots - it seemed like he missed them almost as much as me!!

He was sitting so patient, just staring at the carrots. He LOVES carrots!
I ate half the bag before I made myself put it away so that I could eat some more today. Today is my 16 week appointment with my midwife, and before my appointment I am taking the car to get the oil changed, which means I will be eating lunch out today. So what sounds good? Mexican food - a salad - with guacamole on it. So while my car is at Jiffy Lube, I will be walking the 10 steps to Café El Lago for a Taco Salad today! Only another 2 hours - can't wait!

This week I have also been eating more fruits. I have had an apple & a banana everyday, usually both with peanut butter. I love that peanut butter has some protein in it. I don't feel like that's really a craving, since I loved peanut butter before I got pregnant. I've also started having Clif bars as part of my morning snacks. So I have a Clif bar first usually around 10 ish, then a banana with some peanut butter on it around 12, and then an apple right before I leave the branch at 2. I keep a jar of peanut butter in my desk so that I can use a knife to get it out and spread it on my apple or banana. The Clif bars I have been eating are great, but they are pretty big and with my fruit it's a bit much, so I bought some of the "mini" Clif bars instead.

It's been nice that I am not eating tons of salty stuff anymore. Chips and salty things don't sound very good right now. Sugar doesn't sound great either. Just peanut butter, guacamole/avocado and fruits/veggies haha. That's a pretty limited diet so I try to squeeze chicken or beef in there at night with dinner, and some milk with breakfast. I bought bagels with strawberry cream cheese the last time I went to the store, and that's been my breakfast every morning since haha.

We also announced on Facebook this past Monday that miss Kaycee is a miss. I knew I wanted to involve BYU somehow, since I am hoping she'll be a fan just like her mom. I found this ADORABLE onesie on BYU's bookstore website and posted this as our announcement! I can't wait to go buy this for her!

I still am not feeling super great, but I am hoping that will pass around 16 weeks, since rumor has it that's when it goes away. Since last Friday, I have only thrown up 3 times, so not too bad! But more than anything, since that ultra sound, being sick just seems so worth it. Yeah I'd love to not be sick but it's ok, because she is SO going to be worth it! Miss Kaycee, I sure love you! 

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