Friday, July 12, 2013

A night at Girls Camp

My mom was asked to speak at her Stake Girls Camp this past week! Brynne was asked to speak last year, so it was pretty exciting that someone from the same family got asked to speak again! Brynne & I met at her house at 4:30 on Tuesday and drove up there together. I made it to and from Heber Valley Camp without getting too sick - no throwing up! Yay!!

My mom spoke just after 5:30. Her talk was all the things she wished she could tell her 17 year old self. The camp theme for their stake this year is "Sparkle" and my mom was definitely an appropriate person to have speak!

My mom did a great job speaking!
The 3 of us!
Jeannene & Lauryl were gone on the 4th year hike, so we didn't get to see them which was a HUGE bummer! Lauryl is actually a 4th year, which is why she is on the hike, and Jeannene is a 4th year assigned YCL, so she got to go on the hike too. After my mom's talk, we had dinner with the stake {loaded baked potatoes} and then sat and talked with some of the girls from the ward and some of the leaders, two of which were my Laurel leaders. I sure loved my leaders!!

After we were done eating and talking, we drove up to the ward's campsite and wrote notes to put on Jeannene & Popper's pillows for them to see when they got back from their hike the next day. I can't wait to see them - we are going to try to have dinner together as a family on Sunday! The whole family {minus me and Jake} went to California last week, so I haven't been able to see my family AT ALL lately! I'm so proud of my mom for being asked to speak, for my 2 baby sisters who were on the 4th year hike despite how insanely hard it sounds, and my awesome bestie sister Brynne who chose to take time out of her crazy school/work/married life to go to camp for the night! Yay for girls camp!

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