Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kaycee is 5 months!

Our Kaycee girl is 5 months {yesterday}!

Love these 2
Playing outside without getting a sunburn
She fell asleep on the porch in her swing while I was mowing the lawn!
Wearing momma's glasses
Playing with our neighbor Easton. She LOVES older kids!!
We went to US Synthetic's annual Crawdad festival and Kaycee got to see daddy's work for the first time!
Me and mini at Jake's work
Brynne took this one of the days she watched Kaycee while I was at training - love her facial expression!
Too bad Kaycee isn't smiling, she LOVES Brynne!!
Eating a rubber spatula
Her football onesie is SOO close to fitting!!
That smile just makes me melt
Grinny girl
She really loves her Sophie. I feel like she used to LOVE her links and her Chicka chicka, but now it's all about Sophie
She became VERY snuggly after my week at training. It's nice to know she missed me!
How daddy takes off her clothes. She thinks it's super funny!

Safety first - she loves holding onto straps
Turned 90 degrees and busted out of her swaddle!!
She fell asleep on me!! Thanks to Keisha's trick I can actually get to sleep on me sometimes!
Watching me get ready through the mirror. She seemed so confused why there was so many of me and so many of her!
Costco is apparently her favorite store ever!
Getting a manicure from dad. He does such a good job on her nails so he does it since I've cut her a few times nipping too close to her skin
She loves his beard!
Tummy time!
Turned with her arm over her eyes. Miss drama queen right there!
Sleeping while we grocery shop with a good grip on her little Sophie
Our nearly naked missy!
I love her little smile!!

 Some fun stuff from this month:
  • She's still sleeping 12 ish hours every night without waking up. She woke up last night and it's the first time she's woke up to eat in close to 6 weeks. I'm very grateful she's such a good sleeper!
  • She's officially out of anything newborn or 0-3 months except for some of her sleep sack pajamas. Everything is 3-6 months!
  • She's in size 1-2 diapers from Costco but I think as soon as this box is gone she'll be in size 3. We've only had to buy 1 box since she was born!
  • Definitely still swaddled with arms out or she won't sleep
  • SHE ROLLED OVER!!! She rolled over from her back to her tummy on June 5 for the first time. She was on her tummy time mat in the family room while I was folding clothes on the couch so I had my back to her and Jake looked at her and asked why she was on her tummy when I had set her on her back SO I MISSED IT!! She's done it lots of times since then so I've been able to see it though. She's good at wiggling her little body when she's on her tummy so hopefully rolling from tummy to back is close.
  • She is great at turning herself. She's almost always in a different direction when we go to get her after naps.
  • Still absolutely loves to hold your hand. I love that since she isn't cuddly, it's a great way to feel like she still needs me.
  • She is definitely acting ready for solids but I keep not trying it because I want Jake to be there and our evenings have been insane lately. I need to find a day to do it soon though because she really seems so ready!
  • She was showing lots of interest in a pear I was eating so I handed the core to her to see what she'd do and she tried to suck on it for nearly 30 minutes. She loved it!
  • She's become quite the kicker in the bath, it sounds like she's kicking out a beat sometimes. If it keeps up she's going to be enrolling in soccer ASAP!
  • She isn't too into her thumb lately, she is liking her binkie again. She definitely can't make up her mind on that one!
  • She can pick up things she's dropped, like her Sophie. She's getting better at depth perception too and can reach for things and get them without swinging around.
  • She got an exersaucer and so far she seems to like it! We're trying to help her put more weight on her legs. It's new for her but she's getting better every time.
  • She loves all her aunts. LOVES. She giggles like crazy for Macy, Jeannene and Lauryl, Keisha can get her asleep no mater what and she does the funnest faces and smiles for Brynne.
  • I call her cheekamunk and squeaky song bird. She looks like she has nuts in her cheeks because they're so big so it reminds me of a chipmunk. And she squeaks or sings when she's tired. It's actually kinda cute and it's a great way for her to communicate with me!
  • She love sticking out her tongue. It's super cute!
  • She loves her toes - loves loves her toes. As soon as her diaper is off, she's on her side with her toes in her mouth. She loves to reach for them and bring them super close to her face. She's very flexible!!
Happy 5 months princess, we love you so much!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Fire Station!

I had my first pack meeting for Scouts this week! After we did awards, it was time for our activity - we rode our bikes to the Fire Station! Except my bike has a flat tire, and we don't have a trailer for Kaycee yet so we drove over.

Jake & Kaycee in front of the Fire Station
Kaycee learning all about what to do if the house catches on fire
Apparently she got bored. She sure loves her Sophie!
We got to do a tour of the Fire Station and look at the trucks and ambulance, it was really cool and I actually learned A LOT! After we were done with the tour they turned on the siren on the big truck. Jake and I both covered Kaycee's ears and at first she was wiggly but as soon as it turned on she just looked at us and laughed at the siren sound. She thinks the strangest things are funny!

It was an awesome first Scouting activity - can't wait for many more!

Kaycee meets Kenzie & Emrie!!

This past weekend Kaycee got to meet 2 of her cousins!! She's already met Hunter, and snuggles with Adalynn whenever Kaycee is around Keisha (Adalynn is due in 2 weeks!) but hadn't met Kenzie or Emrie yet! They live in Arizona and we haven't seen them since Christmas, and Kaycee was still in my tummy then. It was so fun to see the girls interact with her and she LOVED them. Kaycee loves big kids!

Kenzie & Kaycee

Emrie & Kaycee
The grand girls - for now!
I absolutely love this picture!!
We're hoping we get to see more of Kenzie and Emrie before they head back home to Arizona, but they will be back later in the summer and we can do ever more fun things with them then!

Kaycee's 4 month visit & X ray's

When Kaycee turned 4 months old, she was still on her antibiotic for her ear infection and the Dr. advised us to wait until she was off of it before we gave her any shots. By the time she was off of it, it was a 3 week wait to see her pediatrician, but we FINALLY got her in for her 4 month visit!

Height: 24.75" - 42%
Weight: 14 lbs. 13 ozs. - 50%
Head circumference: 41.7 cm - 67%

Such a brave girl - she cried for a split second when she got her shots and then stopped.
At her ear infection appointment, the doctor had said that her hips were overly flexible and asked if she was breech. I said she wasn't and we left it at that. When she saw her regular doctor for her visit, I asked him about it and he looked at her hips for a while and said he thinks they might be overly flexible too. Based off of the explanation he gave me and Jake, that isn't a bad thing as long as her hip isn't sliding out of socket. He didn't think it was because it wasn't making any popping noises but to double check he gave us an order for an X-ray at AF Hospital. Don't worry, this mom was mentally freaking out! We took her down on Monday of this week for her picture as Jake called it.

Waiting for her X-ray
Getting her X-ray done
She did so great and didn't cry except for 2 seconds when they held her legs at a really awkward angle for the X-ray. The doctor called the next day with the results and everything looks great. Talk about a big relief!! That just means she's doing to be an awesome cheerleader or dancer when she gets big!

Memorial Day 2014

For Memorial Day weekend this year, we spent some time up Provo Canyon with Jake's family. It was Kaycee's first time going up to the property, and her first camp fire!

Seriously, can't beat this view!
Daddy's hat is a little big...
Not sure why we were so into putting stuff on her head!
Kaycee LOVES to nap in her crib. Going somewhere with her when she's tired and it's nap time is AWFUL because she can't fall asleep in arms. Unless your Aunt Keisha. Then she loves to snuggle up to you and baby Adalynn. Seriously, Keisha can ALWAYS get her to fall asleep!!
Jake on the left, Kaycee on the right. I seriously hope she's as chill and laid back as he is!
Playing with Grandpa
Feeding the princess with her glow stick
Apparently we had too much fun - she was a little baby zombie both nights!
We went up the canyon on Saturday evening after Jake got off work and on Sunday. Monday we relaxed at home and then went to my spend some time with my family and do the May birthday dinner! I forgot to take pictures but it was great fun! Love long weekends!!