Friday, June 6, 2014

The Fire Station!

I had my first pack meeting for Scouts this week! After we did awards, it was time for our activity - we rode our bikes to the Fire Station! Except my bike has a flat tire, and we don't have a trailer for Kaycee yet so we drove over.

Jake & Kaycee in front of the Fire Station
Kaycee learning all about what to do if the house catches on fire
Apparently she got bored. She sure loves her Sophie!
We got to do a tour of the Fire Station and look at the trucks and ambulance, it was really cool and I actually learned A LOT! After we were done with the tour they turned on the siren on the big truck. Jake and I both covered Kaycee's ears and at first she was wiggly but as soon as it turned on she just looked at us and laughed at the siren sound. She thinks the strangest things are funny!

It was an awesome first Scouting activity - can't wait for many more!

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