Friday, June 6, 2014

Kaycee's 4 month visit & X ray's

When Kaycee turned 4 months old, she was still on her antibiotic for her ear infection and the Dr. advised us to wait until she was off of it before we gave her any shots. By the time she was off of it, it was a 3 week wait to see her pediatrician, but we FINALLY got her in for her 4 month visit!

Height: 24.75" - 42%
Weight: 14 lbs. 13 ozs. - 50%
Head circumference: 41.7 cm - 67%

Such a brave girl - she cried for a split second when she got her shots and then stopped.
At her ear infection appointment, the doctor had said that her hips were overly flexible and asked if she was breech. I said she wasn't and we left it at that. When she saw her regular doctor for her visit, I asked him about it and he looked at her hips for a while and said he thinks they might be overly flexible too. Based off of the explanation he gave me and Jake, that isn't a bad thing as long as her hip isn't sliding out of socket. He didn't think it was because it wasn't making any popping noises but to double check he gave us an order for an X-ray at AF Hospital. Don't worry, this mom was mentally freaking out! We took her down on Monday of this week for her picture as Jake called it.

Waiting for her X-ray
Getting her X-ray done
She did so great and didn't cry except for 2 seconds when they held her legs at a really awkward angle for the X-ray. The doctor called the next day with the results and everything looks great. Talk about a big relief!! That just means she's doing to be an awesome cheerleader or dancer when she gets big!

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