Thursday, May 31, 2012


Jake & I love to explore and today we noticed there was a fire on the south side of the mountains we see from our backyard. We think it has been going since late last night - Jake saw the flames when he was at work across the lake yesterday.

The orange is the fire across the lake
"Borrowed" this from KSL - we didn't take this picture
"Borrowed" from KSL - we didn't take this picture
Being naturally curious and always up for some exploring, we grabbed Max and jumped in the truck to go exploring. We ended up going on entirely dirt roads since Redwood Road was closed because of the fire being too close to the road. It was so fun - we ended up driving on a road that was probably meant for dirt bikes and 4 wheelers and was SO bumpy. Jake kept teasing me because I was laughing so hard.  The truck is SO dirty now but oh it was fun! We got pretty close to the fire - close enough to see the flames and all the black from where fire had already burnt everything. Then we turned around and headed back and saw these two SUPER cute baby goats!

I love baby animals - they were so cute! 
Me & Max
We got home from exploring, watched TV and then Jake said he was going to go take a shower and came out looking like this:

For the first time in 3 years, Jake doesn't have a goatee. And he has a mustache. I love him no matter what but I gotta admit it isn't my favorite - I love his goatee!! But hey, it's his face and if he likes it that way I will learn to like it! He is rocking the handlebar look haha!! 

Memorial Day Weekend

This was the funnest memorial day weekend I have ever had! We started out on Saturday by taking it easy and the heading up the canyon {in the rain} to see Kenzie and Emrie who are here from Arizona!! We stopped at Brynne & Blake's on the way to say hi since they were outside planting some gorgeous flowers in their front yard. It was also Brynne's birthday and Blake had a lot planned so I wanted to get to say happy birthday in person. Then we headed up the canyon!

I colored with the girls and talked with them about school {Kenzie just finished kindergarten!!} and then we played a spongebob matching game while Jake and Danny {Grandpa} went for a ride in the rhino. It was pretty rainy while we were there but it was so fun to see the girls! After the guys got back we picked dandelions {yellow flowers} for Wendy {Grandma} and then we talked around the fire for a bit before heading home.

Pretending to be asleep
Smiling with my favorite little people
Me & Emrie
Love this little girl!
Making a "scary face"
Kenzie didn't join our picture taking until after Em & I had taken a few :) 
I was having some seriously bad cravings while we were up the canyon with them and ended up eating some chocolate chip cookies and felt SO guilty afterwards that we ended up not staying for dinner so that I could go home and cook me something healthy haha. I can't remember what Jake had, but I had a turkey burger on a whole wheat sandwich thin {just discovered these - they are great!} with asparagus and a salad! SO yummy!!

The next day was Sunday and I got the opportunity to speak in Sacrament Meeting. I am 99.9% sure it is because of turbo, but I wasn't anywhere near as nervous as I thought I would be. I kept thinking the nervousness would kick in but it never did - thank heavens! It ended up being more of a "read" than a talk, but at least I didn't pass out in fear or say anything super wrong or embarrassing. My talk was on Covenants, and I ended up quoting a lot from a talk from Henry B Eyring given in 1996 called "Witnesses for God" . I highly recommend reading it - it was a wonderful talk! I mentioned a story from an email that Clint sent us about one of his first baptisms, and I also found this gem of a quote that I wanted to share from President Howard W Hunter: "I have always been impressed that the Lord deals with us personally, individually. We do many things in groups in the Church, … but … the most important things are done individually. We bless babies one at a time, even if they are twins or triplets. We baptize and confirm children one at a time. We take the sacrament, are ordained to the priesthood, or move through the ordinances of the temple as individuals—as one person developing a [personal] relationship with our Father in Heaven. … Heaven’s emphasis is on each individual, on every single person” {“Eternal Investments,” address to CES religious educators, 10 Feb. 1989, p. 4; emphasis added}. 

After we got home from church, we took it easy until Jeannene, Blake & Brynne came over {Popper was already staying with us but had been at her best friend Sam's house} for dinner! My mom & Rick were in California, so they weren't able to come and it didn't occur to me to invite my dad. I need to work on that! We had crockpot chicken with noodles, veggies and the YUMMIEST grape salad that Brynne brought. Seriously so yummy! Then we watched the Spurs Thunder NBA game - Spurs won :( We talked for a while - until nearly 11 which is SO late for me haha and then we all went to bed so the guys could get up early the next day. 

We woke up at 7:30, made some bagels for the guys and then Jake & Blake left for Miller Motorsports Park thing in Tooele for a motorcycle race that Jake got tickets to from work {thank you US Synthetic!}. They had a lot of fun and were able to get free food, drinks and candy along with a swag bag because Jake found the US Synthetic suite! 

While the guys were gone, us girls did Turbo Fire 55 EZ in the basement. LOVED it. I love doing Turbo with my sisters!! After we finished our 55 minutes of not so EZ cardio, we did 20 minutes of abs. Here is how nasty sweaty I was after we finished: 

SO SICK!! I was SO proud of myself!!
Afterwards, we all took turns showering and making sure there was hot water {which means the showers were way spaced out} and I cleaned up the kitchen and did some laundry while Brynne got some work done for her summer job called SEEL {?} through BYU. She creates curriculum for pre-k and she is a super star at it! Last summer, it was her internship and they loved her so much she was hired to do it again this summer! As soon as Brynne was done working, she, Popper & I went for a walk with Max {that sounds like really bad English but I don't know how to fix it haha} around the neighborhood and to the Chevron and back, so approximately 2 miles. It was a nice day and we got to talk while getting some sunshine. 

We came home and went to the grocery store to get the fixin's for a BBQ - steaks for the boys, turkey burgers for us girls with pasta salad. As soon as we got home, Jeannene set to prepping the salad while Brynne, Popper & I went and mowed and edged the lawn. Took us a bit to figure out how to turn everything on but we did it and the yard looks awesome! I am so proud of us :) We finished just as the boys got home, so Jake got to see me mowing the lawn - WOOT! The guys hurried to fill up the propane tank for the BBQ and then we grilled up our meat and had our dinner while watching the Celtics Heat NBA game - Eastern Conference finals! Jake & I love the Celtics, Blake & Brynne love the Heat so it made it interesting but it was fun! The Heat won {not surprised} and then they headed home so that everyone could get some sleep. 

It was seriously the funnest Memorial Day weekend - so relaxing and nice to spend time with family!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Christmas with the McClellan's

So yes it is May 28th and I am blogging about Christmas. It has been on my to do list since Christmas and today I am finally getting to it! The only thing from Christmas that I didn't blog about was Christmas with the nieces so here ya go!! 

Kenzie & Emrie came over Christmas Day night, so we told Santa to just come to the McClellan house Christmas Day night, rather than Christmas Eve night. We went over pretty early and opened presents with our two favorite little people. 

The Christmas tree!
Our cute nieces - worst form of birth control EVER haha!
Emrie got a pillow pet!
Emrie got socks {Grandma Wendy ALWAYS gives socks}! 
Dad Danny got a shirt {isn't he a fabulous model??}
Tearing into their gifts - the room was a mess afterwards haha
Another view of the presents, including the coats Santa brought them
Kenzie loves her pillow pet! 
Love these two little girls! 
Mom Wendy opening a present from us
Dad Danny loves his bottle jack for the motorhome!
The book we got for Mom Wendy from family pictures
The boots that Dustin, Jake & I got for Mom Wendy!
Dad Danny loving the girls reactions
Mom Wendy made this for me!! I love it - it is currently on our new front table in the entry way!
Jake's tool set that had a Rod Works giftcard attached to it!
Kenzie showing Grandpa her pillow pet while I open our iTunes gift card
Our iTunes gift card!
Emrie wouldn't put her pillow pet down
Kenzie giving her pillow pet a huge hug
All smiles {I look so different already! It's crazy!}
Checking out what Santa brought for stockings!
Jake & Emrie playing Hungry Hungry Hippo's
Kenzie doing Grandpa's hair with the styling tools she got
He was such a good sport!
After Kenzie did his hair so beautifully
Playing with their aqua doodle
She is so freaking cute - I just love them!
Best friends :)
Cutest little girls ever!! 
Macy playing aqua doodle with the girls
My tired hubby 
Playing Pretty Pretty Princess - Grandma won!! 
Grandma is such a good sport!! She even dressed up as Cinderella to play Pretty Pretty Princesses!
Seriously love my McClellan family - they are the best!!