Thursday, May 31, 2012


Jake & I love to explore and today we noticed there was a fire on the south side of the mountains we see from our backyard. We think it has been going since late last night - Jake saw the flames when he was at work across the lake yesterday.

The orange is the fire across the lake
"Borrowed" this from KSL - we didn't take this picture
"Borrowed" from KSL - we didn't take this picture
Being naturally curious and always up for some exploring, we grabbed Max and jumped in the truck to go exploring. We ended up going on entirely dirt roads since Redwood Road was closed because of the fire being too close to the road. It was so fun - we ended up driving on a road that was probably meant for dirt bikes and 4 wheelers and was SO bumpy. Jake kept teasing me because I was laughing so hard.  The truck is SO dirty now but oh it was fun! We got pretty close to the fire - close enough to see the flames and all the black from where fire had already burnt everything. Then we turned around and headed back and saw these two SUPER cute baby goats!

I love baby animals - they were so cute! 
Me & Max
We got home from exploring, watched TV and then Jake said he was going to go take a shower and came out looking like this:

For the first time in 3 years, Jake doesn't have a goatee. And he has a mustache. I love him no matter what but I gotta admit it isn't my favorite - I love his goatee!! But hey, it's his face and if he likes it that way I will learn to like it! He is rocking the handlebar look haha!! 

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