Monday, May 28, 2012

Christmas with the McClellan's

So yes it is May 28th and I am blogging about Christmas. It has been on my to do list since Christmas and today I am finally getting to it! The only thing from Christmas that I didn't blog about was Christmas with the nieces so here ya go!! 

Kenzie & Emrie came over Christmas Day night, so we told Santa to just come to the McClellan house Christmas Day night, rather than Christmas Eve night. We went over pretty early and opened presents with our two favorite little people. 

The Christmas tree!
Our cute nieces - worst form of birth control EVER haha!
Emrie got a pillow pet!
Emrie got socks {Grandma Wendy ALWAYS gives socks}! 
Dad Danny got a shirt {isn't he a fabulous model??}
Tearing into their gifts - the room was a mess afterwards haha
Another view of the presents, including the coats Santa brought them
Kenzie loves her pillow pet! 
Love these two little girls! 
Mom Wendy opening a present from us
Dad Danny loves his bottle jack for the motorhome!
The book we got for Mom Wendy from family pictures
The boots that Dustin, Jake & I got for Mom Wendy!
Dad Danny loving the girls reactions
Mom Wendy made this for me!! I love it - it is currently on our new front table in the entry way!
Jake's tool set that had a Rod Works giftcard attached to it!
Kenzie showing Grandpa her pillow pet while I open our iTunes gift card
Our iTunes gift card!
Emrie wouldn't put her pillow pet down
Kenzie giving her pillow pet a huge hug
All smiles {I look so different already! It's crazy!}
Checking out what Santa brought for stockings!
Jake & Emrie playing Hungry Hungry Hippo's
Kenzie doing Grandpa's hair with the styling tools she got
He was such a good sport!
After Kenzie did his hair so beautifully
Playing with their aqua doodle
She is so freaking cute - I just love them!
Best friends :)
Cutest little girls ever!! 
Macy playing aqua doodle with the girls
My tired hubby 
Playing Pretty Pretty Princess - Grandma won!! 
Grandma is such a good sport!! She even dressed up as Cinderella to play Pretty Pretty Princesses!
Seriously love my McClellan family - they are the best!!

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