Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One long productive weekend

Thanks to Pinterest, I got the idea to re do some of our furniture! I bought the paint, primer and handles when I bought the tress for the front yard but I didn't start my project until this past weekend! Goal: paint the nightstands black and add silver hardware instead of gold and repaint the table we got for the entry way. 

Here are some before pictures: 

This look familiar? Took this after we got our headboard - but you can see the oak colored nightstands
Close up of the nightstand
The table we got from my Grandpa Beebaw - it was refinished by my step grandma  a shade of green but it was a REALLY sloppy job so I decided to re do it black
Jake helped me pull all the furniture into the garage and took it apart for me, and I primed it all. Took 2 hours. Felt like forever. By the time I was done priming, I was ready to be done but I decided to add the paint and see how it went. 

The table after it was primed - looks pretty much the same
Primed nightstand
Primed drawers and cabinet doors for the nightstands
I started to paint the table first and that was a bad idea. This is my first painting experience and I didn't realize things require multiple layers of paint. So I am painting this table and I can still see the primer so I add more paint and I can still see more so I add more paint and before I knew it I was near tears because I couldn't get it to stick and I had already primed the nightstands so there was no going back. I called Jake, who was changing the oil on the truck at his parents house, and asked him to come home ASAP so that he could help me. Then I started the nightstands, hoping they weren't a total loss. And it worked, just had to add more layers. The table has a lot more small intricate cuts, the nightstands were smooth and easier to paint. Jake got home as I was finishing the first coat on the first nightstand and offered to help me. OH I LOVE MY HUSBAND!

He painted the rest of the nightstand stuff - drawers. cabinet doors, etc and I did the table, then he helped me with the table while I added a second coat to the nightstand stuff. 4 or 5 hours into the project and I was so ready to be done it isn't funny. We got it covered enough that we didn't think we would need more layers and called it a night. Got Cafe Rio. Yay for not cooking after being frustrated in the garage all afternoon.

Sunday I got home from church and we went to assemble the nightstands. Bought the wrong hinges. Ya I wanted to cry for reals. But we got the table hardware on and it turned out awesome so I felt better - we put it in the front room right away!

LOVE how it turned out!
I bought new hinges yesterday and this morning Jake helped me put the nightstands together. Once again, I LOVE MY HUSBAND! This project would have ended up in the garbage if it wasn't for him!

All finished!
Jake's nightstand with decor put back on it
My nightstand with decor on it
All my stuff normally in my nightstand - our room was a MESS for a few days! 
Finished project!
LOVE how it turned out, and LOVE that we are done! While we were at Lowe's buying the hinges the first time, we also bought a new door handle! Here is the old one we had:

And here is our new one! 

Still need to paint the door but I like the new door handle lots! No more Lowe's or Home Depot visits for us for a while!! 

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  1. They turned out awesome! I love it. Makes me want to paint haha