Monday, May 18, 2015

We're different (duh!)

I had a realization the other day that I should have had a long time ago - Kaycee and I have different personalities. I knew that, but I didn't realize what that meant. She is easy going and relaxed, like Jake. I'm independent and like to do everything on my own. I like to figure things out for myself and she isn't like that. She isn't like that. I had been expecting her to figure out walking or talking or whatever else when she wanted because she would figure it out. And eventually I'm sure that's true but she's okay with being shown things. She is okay with me doing everything for her so she has no rush to walk. I'm not like that and it is just now occurring to me how different we look at situations. That probably sounds really rambly or really uh duh but it was a total shocker for me! It's helped me a lot as a mom because I feel more of an urge and a desire to show her things. Just wish that light bulb would have clicked a long time ago haha! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kaycee's First Steps

Sorry I haven't blogged about the new house, I will soon I swear! This is a quick post but I wanted to talk about it today - Kaycee took her first steps today! At our new house on the lawn! She was walking towards Jake and took between 2-4 steps before she got to him and I don't think she had any clue that she did it by herself. She hates walking without our help to balance but I know she knows how and this proved it - when she didn't realize we weren't helping she took a whole bunch in a row! We got her to do it one more time but every time after that she still wanted us to help her balance. I'm so proud of her though!! Way to go babe, you'll be running before I know it! 

And PS she did it when she was 15 months old. My favorite number. Coincidence? I think not! 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Moving Day

Well closing went great yesterday and today is moving day assuming we get the keys today and all goes well with the funding. This has been the part I've been looking forward to and dreading the most because our neighbors had everything fall apart at this point and lost their new house and had to sell theirs again. But I feel very at peace, I don't think that's going to happen to us. 

It was pouring rain yesterday so we rented a U-Haul for today and now it's nice and sunshiney lol. Of course. Oh well, we'll be able to do it in less trips this way. Just hope Jake can drive it because I sure can't! 

We're almost all the way packed and it still didn't feel real to me until we packed the master bathroom up. Having all of THAT stuff in a box made me realize how fast this really is happening. So crazy!! 

I have the day off today (I had been planning to work but we decided yesterday that might be a bit stressful). We are having my friend Jaelyn watch Kaycee so we can focus on moving. We have some helpers coming and are hoping more will follow. 

I'm going to try to blog tonight to update you but it might be tomorrow! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Closing Day

Well I didn't blog like I wanted to throughout this process - sorry! Today is closing day! Let's back up a bit and fill you in shall we? 

Our water heater went out on our home we're selling but fortunately we had a warranty in place (for free!) that covered it. Jake installed the new one the other day and we're all set there! Then our dryer broke. It just feels like 1 thing happens after another, we're ready to only be fixing things on the new house haha. It's frustrating to fix things when you know you're moving! 

Our garage is full of our stuff, we're almost 100% packed and as something is packed we move the box out to the garage for easy truck loading. We can't park either car in there anymore and Jake and I both hate it! Can't wait to get our garage back! 

We bought a fridge last weekend at RC Willey and it's being delivered Friday.  We found a sectional we like for the front room and bought it last night off of a yard sale page. We also sold our dresser to my sister and bought a new one that will fit better. Jake told me I'm cut off from buying more stuff until after the move haha. 

My sisters have been an ENORMOUS help. Popper has been over a ton helping me pack, almost everyday after school. Brynne has been here everyday this week (spring break) and there's no way to measure how much her help has helped us. It's been SOOO nice having all the help! Jake took this week off work to help out and that's been great too, we've got a lot moved to the garage like I said and we'll finish packing today. 

The buyer ended up going FHA so it moved closing up by 10 days. Awesome sauce! 

We close in 2.5 hours. So weird. It still doesn't feel real. We did our final walk through Monday and it still feels too good to be true. Everything is going SOOO smoothly. We somehow are getting more closing costs paid for than planned so we don't need to bring as much to closing as we thought. The lender messed up when he gave us our mortgage quote and the new correct number is nearly $100 smaller than we thought it would be. Things are just working out for us. It's been amazing! 

If all goes as planned, we will fund and record tomorrow (how is it tomorrow?!?) and then we move tomorrow! So crazy! That means tonight should be the last time we sleep in this house! Bitter sweet for sure but we're so excited! 

I'll post again soon regardless of how the next 48 hours go! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Updates on the house

It's been about a week since my last post, figured it was time for an update! 

We are officially under contract on the home we're buying - got the paperwork later that day (the day of my last post). It's starting to feel more real, we've taken both sets of our parents to see it and 2 of my sisters and everybody loved it. Even Jake's dad - who was looking for things wrong. Happy day! 

We found out some history on the house we're buying - there used to be hard core hoarders with lots of cats in the house - #gross. There was also a lot of water damage caused by a leaky pipe. The house was totally renovated and it looks amazing now, hence why we love it. The inspection was yesterday and it passed with flying colors which is always a good sign! The yard needs help but that's something we know how to do so it shouldn't be tough. 

Our sale is still going great, the buyer decided not to do an inspection and came and looked at it with a contractor friend last weekend. He didn't see anything he wanted fixed (other than he wants us to buy another smoke detector since the house is 1 short) so he is ordering the appraisal! That's a great sign. After the appraisal we submit all the paperwork to the lender and then to the USDA department and wait. Things are looking good though! 

I'm eating again (forgot to mention that last post - I was so stressed I didn't want to eat which is SOOOO not like me) but still having a hard time sleeping. It's getting better though! Most days I'm up at 6 and couldn't go back to sleep if I tried but today I slept until 8. Yay! 

We're starting to organize things in preparation for packing and I've sold a whole bunch of stuff I'm finding. We've made over $200 so far! Every little bit helps right? We have some furniture that won't fit in the new house so once it officially is ours we'll be buying a new dresser and selling ours, stuff like that.  I'll keep you posted as the next few weeks go but it's looking good! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Selling our home on Heyward

Last week on Sunday I started thinking about selling our house. I think about it a lot. There's some things I don't love about the house that aren't changeable, like the kitchen not having an island (too small to add one) or that the bedrooms on the main floor are not near each other. I'm also really sick of being on the golf course, especially since we had Kaycee. Last year we were very worried about her getting hit and we had planned to get a golf net this summer. We had dinner at my in laws last Sunday and I asked my in laws, my go to parents for advice, what they would do if they were in our shoes. We don't need to move but the market is good and we could. My father in law (who is seriously my money idol and someone I really trust and respect his opinions) said he'd sell it. Jake and I talked about it 6 months ago and Jake didn't want to but this time he wasn't quite so adamant about staying. 

Monday I used Dave Ramsey's ELP website looking for an endorsed realtor and had 5 realtors call me in 7 minutes. And that isn't an exaggeration. I called Jake to see if he wanted to meet with one of them and he said he wanted to meet with the realtor who sold us out house 4 years ago Joanna Williams. I started telling the ELP realtors no thanks and called Joanna. She was thrilled and said she'd come Wednesday to meet with us. I knew our house needed some serious deep cleaning and organizing to show well so I called my 2 youngest sisters Jeannene and Lauryl to see if they'd help after school if I paid them. They both agreed! 

Tuesday my sisters both came over and we got a ton done. Jake even helped when he got home from work. Wednesday we scrubbed more and by the time Joanna came we had a sparkling house with just a few things left. We met with Joanna and liked the comps and decided to list our house. The carpet cleaner wasn't coming for 8 more days so we decided to post pone listing it for a bit and we'd keep in touch. 

My sisters and I kept cleaning walls, baseboards, blinds and windows along with vacuuming stairs, nooks and cranny's. Friday the photographer came and took the pictures of our house and yard. They turned out fabulous! I ended up moving our carpet cleaning day up to Monday, 1 week after we decided to move, so we put the MLS listing up Monday morning and waited. Average home is on the market 42 days. 

We waited 2 hours and had a showing scheduled for 5:00 the next day, Tuesday. 2 hours later we had another one that wanted to come that night, Monday! We cancelled it because the carpet was still wet and had Josnna call the realtor to explain. They rescheduled for 8:00 AM the next day. And an hour later we had another showing at 7:00 the next evening. 3 showings within 5 hours of going up - we were so pumped! Joanna said to expect 5 - 6 showings before we get an offer so we weren't expecting much and figured it'd be good practice since I've never "shown" a house. 

Monday night we went and looked at a home on Decrescendo Drive. It's still in Eagle Mountain but it's in the Silverlake subdivision. We absolutely love it. It's the same floor plan, nearly to a T of the "Cherokee" house we waited on for 6 months before we bought this house. It has everything single feature I wanted and a 3 car garage for Jake. We put an offer in on it that night - first house we saw. We knew we loved it. 

That night I cleaned the house and made everything sparkle once Kaycee was asleep. We went to bed and Tuesday I woke up and cleaned for over an hour before waking Kaycee up, loading her and anything of Max's into the Durango and we left for my in laws while we had our first showing. Leaving your house with every light on intentionally is a very weird feeling. We ate breakfast and hung out and got a call from our realtor just after 9:30 that we had an offer in on the house. THE FIRST PERSON TO LOOK AT IT PUT IN AN OFFER! And it was a FULL PRICE offer! I was shocked and so were my in laws. I called Jake who was totally freaking out that we'd got an offer on it so fast! Kayc, Max and I came home and I put her down for a nap and tried to work but could barely think straight. That night we cleaned really good again and left to get something to eat before we had pack meeting for Cub Scouts so that we wouldn't eat dinner at 8:00 that night since we had 2 showings back to back. We got a call while at pack meeting that the seller of the Decrescendo Drive house had countered us. We countered back and waited to see if either the 5:00 or 7:00 would put in an offer. Neither one did so we accepted the original offer just before the 10:00 deadline. 

The next morning, Wednesday, the buyer confirmed and we were officially under contract on selling our house. Less than 48 hours after appearing on the MLS and 9 days from when the thought of selling even popped into my head. To think how much prep and stuff happened in those 9 days is crazy! Later that night, we got verbal confirmation the Decrescendo Drive seller had accepted our offer - verbally under contract on one and officially on the other! 

That brings us to today. We still haven't received the signed confirmation but it's because the sellers agent was having difficulties with the website. We're expecting it sometime this morning. And I am feeling so many emotions I can't see straight. 

Trust. I fasted Sunday that we'd be able to sell it quickly and get the price we wanted and find somewhere to go. That was answered to say the least! We prayed we'd get an answer back on the Decrescendo Drive house last night because we hadn't heard anything and it was technically past deadline. Within 4 minutes of me, my mom and my sisters prayers, the agent called with the news. Things are really falling into place. I have felt very strongly like we would totally be able to sell and that I shouldn't be worried about that at all. I get a very calm feeling when I think about selling. It hasn't been stressful at all! 

Patience. I think it's because this house looks SOOO much like Cherokee and Cherokee fell through but I just can't seem to wrap my brain around the fact that it's really happening. The buy doesn't seem real. The sell feels real but not the buy. Not sure if that's because it may not work out or if it's because the house looks so much like Cherokee that I can just feel the disappointment still or what. We'll see what happens! Cherokee "verbally accepted" too and then it fell through. Maybe once the docs come it'll feel more real. 

Grateful. I cannot believe how fast we sold. I cannot believe how much our home has gone up in value. We are selling it for $82,000 more than we paid for it and $105,000 more than we owe on it. That blows my mind. Those are HUMONGOUS numbers. To have that much equity at our age feels so crazy. And I'm so dang proud of us! I'm grateful that we've been led this direction. I'm grateful for how handy Jake and his dad are and how many wonderful improvements they've made on the house. I know that's a HUGE factor of why were able to sell for so much. 

Irony. When Jake and I very first started to look for a house, we drove past this exact house on Decrescendo and called on it. It was like $50,000 out of our price range so we definitely said no and didn't think twice. Because it's such a unique street name though Jake and I have both remembered it. And it's the exact same house! If this ends up working out, I think it'd be crazy ironic that we ended up buying it, just a few years later and that it's the exact floor plan of the house I loved (Cherokee) that we lost. 

Anxious. I hate living in boxes so I won't be packing until we're pretty close to go time. We'll be doing a conventional loan with Bank of AF again (they're amazing!) and they can do it in 3 weeks. They said that last time and it ended up being 2 so it could be faster. The problem is our buyer is doing the USDA 0% down rural housing loan and those take longer to do. Our realtor told us 45 days but people who have done the loan in our neighborhood have told us it went faster. Right now I'm focusing on collecting boxes so we can be ready and starting to declutter so we can trash, donate or sell things we don't want to take with us. I'm OCD about organization, especially since I quit my job and became a stay home mom. This will be fun for me! I love organizing :) 

Devastated. We are beyond bummed to leave our ward and our neighborhood. Because we're only moving 2 miles away we've joked about keeping our records in the ward and just staying here but I don't think we really will. That's pat of the adventure of moving - meeting neighbors and making new friends in your neighborhood and church is an awesome way to meet people. Our current neighborhood does a huge 4th of July  celebration and we plan to come back every year to still see everyone. And we may come to this ward once in a while to say hi. We'll miss everybody SOOO much. That's been a huge factor for why we haven't moved sooner. This is the best ward we've ever been in and we're so sad to leave it. 

Nostalgic. Our lives have changed SOOO much in this house. I was endowed while we lived in this house. I lost over 100 pounds in this house. Jake became active in the church in this house. Jake got the Priesthood back in this house. We got pregnant while we lived in this house. Jake got endowed while we lived in this house. We got sealed in this house. We had Kayc in this house. She crawled, rolled over, said mama and dada for the first time in this house. It's sad to think about leaving it, especially since our lives have changed so drastically from the time we bought it until now. It makes me happy that we have such fond memories of this house. And we'll definitely still see it, especially Jake as he's golfing. 

Like I said, lots of emotions. But I feel so peaceful. This will all work out just the way it should. It's all going to work. And we are SOOO excited about the Decrescendo house. It has a much bigger kitchen, a front formal room and a family room (and a Christmas tree window!!!). It has a beautiful laundry room with cabinets. It has a coat closet! It has a bigger master closet. It has 4 bedrooms on the same floor instead of 3. It has a 3 car garage. It's everything we'd wanted and we found it on the first look. Granted we looked at the pictures of probably 50 houses but we didn't see anything we loved until this one. I'm trying not to get too excited because I don't want to be devastated if something happens but the excitement is just below the service - I can feel myself being so excited I can barely contain it and I just keep pushing it down.  We order the home inspection this week sometime - hoping that comes back all clear! I'm sure our buyer will be doing his inspection and appraisal sometime soon as well. I'll try to blog as much as I can so we can remember all this. It's so different from last time - we looked at SOOOO many houses. Like 60 houses. And I'm not exaggerating. To only look at 1 this time feels weird. But it's what we want. And I'm so excited. 

And holding my breath. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Weekend away {Kaycee's 1st road trip}

We had the chance a few weeks ago to go up to a friend's cabin for the weekend near Park City. It was a much needed break from the "norm" and I'm so glad we got to go! We went with the Richardson's, the Lovell's, the D'Agostini's and the Myers - they are all families in our ward!

She kept trying to crawl in the suitcase but when we put her in she wanted nothing to do with it
All ready to go! 
The trunk all loaded up! 
We stopped and got lunch at Subway in Park City on the way up. We had 10 adults and 15 kids - we nearly took up the entire restaurant!

The cabin covered in snow - literally! 
We spent a lot of time relaxing and talking - we had no cell phone service and didn't activate the wi-fi on our phones. In fact I didn't have my phone anywhere near me most of the weekend and it was awesome!

Panoramic Jake took

Messy black bean baby! 
Going sledding! It was so much fun but a little intense and scary with Kaycee!
All bundled and ready to sled! 

She slept so great! 

Jake took a few pictures and videos with his quadcopter 

It was a fabulous weekend and it was great to get away! We had so much fun getting to know families in our ward better and made great new friends! Thanks again Betsey and Caleb!