Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Ornaments

My family has a tradition of getting an ornament each year to symbolize something that happened to you that year. Our Christmas tree is full of ornaments from my childhood that I was given as I grew up and I have continued the tradition! We get our ornaments as soon as we put up the tree, so we got our ornaments the day after Thanksgiving when I put up the tree! 

My ornament - a pink purse. I love purses and I love pink! 
Jake's ornament - a sun since he went to day shift this year! 
Kaycee's ornament. I got it made off Etsy, I love it! 
I was super on top of things this year and was able to put all of our gifts underneath the tree the day that we set it up because I was done shopping and everything was wrapped! It's been so great being prepared and not being stressed about the gift giving part of Christmas. There were a few gifts that didn't work out that I needed to buy but almost all the gifts have been done and wrapped since Thanksgiving.

Kaycee loves the tree. She loves to rearrange the presents and she loves the shiny blue bulbs on the tree. She loves it all the time but always looks at in fascination at night when the lights are on. Makes Christmas truly seem magical!

It's been a wonderful Christmas so far, can't wait for the rest of the festivities!

Kaycee is 11 months!

Our little miss turned 11 months old last week! I cannot believe that the next time I write one of these posts, she will be 1 year old!! First off {as always} - pictures! 

She loves bath time
She learned how to use a straw so I let her have some of my protein shake. Needless to say, I don't think she liked it! 
All ready for winter! 

Going to bed with mom's phone

We got her a balloon the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and it's STILL going! She loves it!! 
Church selfies 
Ready for BYU's last regular season game
New jammies! 
She loves selfies 

She did this all by herself - grabbed it off the shelf, rolled over and "read" it. This is one of her favorite books
I wish her eyes were open in this but it was too cute so I decided to post it anyway
I'm doing a challenge for December to do 12 5k's and she goes with me for most of them! Got to have her all bundled! 
Oh Christmas Tree!
Another 5k
She's discovered her little tongue! 
I was sticking my tongue out trying to get her to do it and she leaned in for a "kiss" with her tongue out! Totally caught me off guard - Jake caught the picture at the perfect momnet! 

Playing with her new activity table I got on a yard sale page on Facebook. She loves it! 

At her first movie - Penguins of Madagascar
She got to try some chocolate almond milk. Pretty sure she liked it! 

11 months old! 

Some fun things from this month:

  • She had a double ear infection and teeth coming at the same time. It made for a couple miserable days! After lots of snuggles, tylenol, doTerra oils and ibuprofen she's all better and back to sleeping all night again. It was a LONG couple days though! 
  • She's been taking 2 naps still, the first is 2.5 - 3 hours and the second is short, only maybe 45 minutes. She still needs that second nap though. 
  • She's loving solid food and only has roughly 10 ounces of formula each day. She has turkey sausage and yogurt or dry cereal for breakfast, pieces of whatever I eat for lunch and then whatever we eat for dinner. She's doing awesome at eating ANYTHING we eat. 
  • She's doing great at holding her bottle by herself now, I just don't even try to hold it and she'll do it. She loves using her sippy with a straw, especially if it has chocolate almond milk in it. 
  • She's learned to clap officially! She's GREAT at it, she gets so excited and claps often. We love it! 
  • She has gone from laying to sitting a few times but hasn't quite figured out the concept 100%. I think it's close though! 
  • She's trying so hard to pull herself up! She will try and then stop and get frustrated. She wants to be standing almost all the time and is frustrated if she's sitting down. 
  • She is CRAWLING!!!! Jake and I are so proud of her for figuring it out! Everyday she gets faster. She rolls sometimes but crawling is becoming her main means of mobilization. 
  • The day she started crawling she started taking steps with our help. We've been holding her hands and trying to get her to take steps and she wouldn't do it - we'd have to gently kick her heels to get her to go and then suddenly the day she started crawling she started taking steps! Her first assisted steps were to the Christmas tree to get a shiny ornament off - she loves the Christmas tree! She now walks with our fingers and is getting pretty fast or she will hold onto her walker toy and walk with that as long as we keep the walker from going too fast. She's doing so great! 
  • She's learned to turn pages and loves to read books. She is a little rough with paper books and has ripped a few pages so we try to read mostly cardboard books so she can turn the pages. She loves to look at the pictures and then tries to turn the page, usually she turns the page before we are done reading that page. 
  • She mimics Max pretty well with panting, it's super cute. 
  • Church sucks right now lol. We have 11:00 AM church and it is RIGHT when her first and best nap is and she won't sleep in our arms anymore so she just fusses and gets frustrated. Can't wait for 1:00 church in 2 weeks! 
  • She has 4 teeth and I'm 99.9% at least 1 if not 2 more are on their way. She has 1 on the top and 3 on the bottom. I didn't even know the bottom one was coming until I could actually see it so it'd been coming for a while! I think the other top tooth and the other bottom tooth are on their way, she's been gumming everything. 
  • She's in 12 month clothes and 18 month jammies but they are a little big. 
  • She loves to take her shoes off. It's the funnest game ever - as soon as we get her in her car seat the shoes come off! Socks too if we are in the car long enough. 
  • She loves to put her hands behind her head when she is ready for a nap. We lay her down, hand her a binky and she puts her hands behind her head and does the "chillax" pose. Every. single. day. It's adorable. 
  • She got a new car seat last month but I don't think I ever talked about it. It's still rear facing but it can convert to forward when we're ready. She's a big girl now! 
  • She's loving sleeping in - most days she sleeps until 9:00. 
Love you so much Kaycee, happy 11 months of life sweetheart! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Live Nativity

We were given tickets to go see the Live Nativity in Alpine this year by our awesome neighbors the Peterson's.  I have heard amazing things about it and have worked hard this year to do more things involving Christ instead of Santa so we decided to go! Pretty sure Satan knew that was a bad idea - we had a 1001 things come up and get in our way and we also didn't go and decided to go anyway and we're so grateful we did! It was cold but not too cold {it's been a pretty warm winter unfortunately but it was fortunate that night!} and Kaycee did so great waiting in the long line.  We got in the back of a horse trailer and drove up to the start of the nativity.

We were greeted by Roman guards on horse back who told us that everyone is to be taxed. Then we walked to different stations, first shepherds and their sheeps, then a camel {seriously - a camel!} and a donkey. I was dying at the cute donkey. If you haven't read the book "Small One" or watched the movie, do it. It's the reason that I love horses/donkeys so much and it's one of my favorite Christmas stories. The shepherd "watching" the donkey said we could pull his harness to get him in the picture!!

Then we walked into a barn.  Before we got to the barn there were a whole bunch of horses in their corral not part of the nativity that were standing close to the fence so Kaycee and I got to touch them. She was staring at them with huge eyes! We went inside the barn and there was different areas set up like if we were downtown in Bethlehem - lots of little shops. And tons of animals! 
The goat has a beard!!
Momma and baby goat
There were 2 more camels in the barn and they were MASSIVE!! Jake and I were shocked how big camels are!  We also got to pet another donkey and Kaycee could have stayed there all night long - she was laughing and giggling at his fur. We finished walking through Bethlehem and headed towards the star over another barn.  Inside the second barn was Joseph, Mary and Jesus.
It was crazy to me how the atmosphere changed.  There were SOOO many people and kids and animals and it was so noisy and exciting and as soon as you get inside this second barn, it is dead silent.  The spirit was strong on the entire property and throughout the entire experience, but it was overwhelming in this barn.  Seeing a mother and father, holding a brand new little tiny baby, made it seem much more real.  Not a painting or a drawing or a figuring. A real mom and a real baby wrapped in cloths laying in a real trough with hay in it. It was amazing and really helped bring true remembrance of the amazing story of what happened that night 2015 years ago.
Standing by one of the camels but you can't really see him
After we left the barn we went outside and got some free hot chocolate.

Kaycee also got to pose with the Roman soldiers and "touch" their sword.

Then we waited to ride back down to our car in the horse trailer again. 

This is easily my favorite thing we've done this Christmas season and I can't wait to incorporate it every year! 

Kaycee meets Santa and goes to a movie!

December 6th my mom had a company work party that all family is invited to at the movie theater at Jordan Commons! We got to choose to go see Mockingjay or Penguins of Madagascar.  Since no one would have to pay for it, we all decided to go see Penguins and bring Kaycee! If she ended up getting fussy it wouldn't mater since nobody had to pay for it.

Right before we went into the movie, Kaycee got to meet Santa and Mrs. Clause! It was AWESOME not having to stand in a 4 hour line and not having to pay for the pictures.  Add on top of that her smiling and it was absolutely perfect!!!

After she was done with Santa we went into the movie.  She did so good!! She loved watching it off and on and would play quietly with a toy in her seat or eat some snacks we had packed for her.  
At the very end I had to stand up with her but we stayed in the theater and she played with the wall. She is totally loving weird texture walls lately - she LOVES to reach for them and play with them and movie theaters have that scratchy carpet wall which she thought was the coolest thing ever!

After the movie we had to camp out in the lobby for a bit because Jake accidentally locked the keys in the car and we needed to get it open. While we waited, Kaycee made a friend! There was the most adorable 5 year old boy with Down Syndrome who was fascinated with "the baby" and she thought he was the bees knees {seriously, she LOVES older kids!}.

She was waving "hi" to him
Jake was able to get the car unlocked without having to pay for a locksmith, yay! It was a very fun and free day! Thanks Grammy!! 

Knowlton Family Pictures

My family recently had family pictures taken! There are SOO many to choose from and I tried to just pick the highlights but there are so many cute ones - be prepared for overload!! 
My sister Brynne & her husband Blake
My mom and step dad Rick
My sister Lauryl and her boyfriend Dayton
My sister Jeannene and her boyfriend Johnny
My nephew Keaton and his mom Emily

Grandparents with their littles!

My step sisters Lizzy and Sarah



I sure love my family! We are missing my 3 step brothers in these pictures so it's not the whole family but it's most of us!