Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Medical Scares

I've had some medical stuff lately and since I don't journal it's going on the blog! 

First off, about a month ago I noticed I was super tired all the time. And then I got scared I was pregnant. I got an IUD when Kayc was 6 weeks but sometimes pregnancy happens anyway. But then I had time of the month so never mind. Shortly afterwards, Jake & I decided to take out the IUD and go on the pill instead. I made an appointment and went in last Wednesday. The few days before my appointment I was SUPER nauseous in the mornings and exhausted and got nervous again. I took a test and it was negative so I felt a lot better. I mentioned it to my midwife at the beginning of my appointment and at first we figured I was just sick or something until she realized my IUD had nearly fallen out by itself. My body had "rejected" it and pushed it nearly all the way out of my cervix. My midwife gave me a prescription for birth control but said she was kinda worried I was pregnant. Yeah don't worry I was beyond panicked. That'd make our babies 15 months apart. UH NO!!! 

But good news - I'm not. Time of the month showed up so we're all clear there. To say I was scared would be a massive understatement so I'm very relieved that we aren't pregnant. And I'm grateful we decided to get my IUD out, otherwise we'd never have known we weren't technically on birth control anymore since it had fallen out. 

But I was still so tired. SOOO tired. And then I noticed all the bruises. Jake actually noticed first. He counted 8. The next day I counted 10.  No clue where they're from. I went in to the hospital today to get my blood drawn and waited 5 incredibly long hours for my doctor to call with the results. 


WAAAAY too low. 

If you're new to this platelet issue I have, basically a person should have 150,000 - 450,000. This is the 3rd time I've dropped below where I should. I have a condition called ITP. Each time it's happened, my doctor put me on a steroid and it fixed it but obviously only temporarily. Our plan had been to remove my spleen the last 2 times but each time the problem went away. The first time it went away for over a year. This time though, it came back after a couple months. Way too soon. 

I thought my doctor would put me on prednisone to get my count back up high and get me in to schedule surgery ASAP.

But instead, they don't want me to do anything for a week and see what happens next count. I think they're wanting to see if it'll drop more. So no meds this week and I go to the hospital Tuesday to get blood drawn. 

To be honest, I'm relieved my count dropped. I've been so tired and now we know why. I called today and got my results and the nurse accidentally gave me the wrong numbers - she said I was at 220,000 but that was my count in June. It scared me because I was pretty dang sure my count had dropped but she was saying it hadn't. But she realized she read the wrong date and called me a few hours later with the results. 

The nausea I thought was pregnancy is actually from another medication. I'm grateful I'm not pregnant, that we figured out the birth control issue. If I have to get my spleen out I can't be pregnant. And I don't want to take prednisone while pregnant. And I'm grateful my count dropped again this year. We've met our out of pocket max for the year, so my surgery will literally be free if we have it this year. 

I'm REALLY hoping for that reason I get the surgery done. But I'm also super nervous about being away from Kaycee that long and having someone else have her for those few days. I'm worried her schedule will be messed up and then she'll stop sleeping through the night once I'm home from the hospital and I won't get the rest I need to recover so Jake will have to get up with her but he has work and yeah I'm stressed, can you tell? For Kaycee's sake, I really hope I don't have to have it but I'm pretty sure I'll need to. 

Especially since my count dropped so fast. I can't believe after just a couple months of no meds it already dropped that much. 

I can still work out and brush and floss my teeth and stuff, so it's not at the dangerous point. They just said don't hike a mountain and fall off or anything crazy. So going to try to be as normal as I can for the next week and see what happens next week. 

I'll make sure to keep y'all posted as I find anything out. Kinda scary but at the same time I feel really blessed that things are playing out the way they are. Heavenly Father really is showing his hand in my life and I'm eternally grateful. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Kaycee is 7 months!

Our little princess is 7 months old! As usual, pictures first and then some fun stats. And PS - I don't know what happened this month but I took a LOT of pictures this month apparently!

Practicing sitting up with her boppy and playing with her Mr. Potato Head 
The Mr. Potato Head she did - I put all the pieces in a pile and as she picked up a piece I stuck it in the next hole. It's a beautiful creation isn't it? 
I don't know how she got up in the corner like that - she's amazing at moving in her crib! 
We went swimming at a friends and they had a little boat that Kaycee loved, so we had to get her a floaty. I let her hold it at the store and when I took it away to pay for it she fell apart and was super grumpy until I gave it back. First store temper tantrum? 
Way too much fun after a fun day at Grandma & Grandpa's while mom and dad went on a date
Hanging with Uncle Clint at Adalynn's blessing
Macy wanted to practice changing her clothes, and Kenzie had to be right there next to her. She LOVED being right by Kaycee
She discovered the water faucet and was fascinated with sticking her hand under it
I worked out one day while she was awake {normally I do it on her naps} so she watched me and so did the dogs! All 3 did great. 
BYU selfie!
July 18 - the first day she sat up by herself long enough for me to take a picture
Loving her little crab floaty
Max keeps trying to get her to play with him, but she hasn't figured it out quite yet
Very sleepy after an afternoon at the pool
Officially done swaddling on her naps! I've been putting a blanket on her if she's already asleep to keep her from getting cold
We've been going on LOTS of walks - all 3 of us love them! And I love that she's holding on to the side - she's very into holding on to things! 
She loves looking at my phone camera
Her cute new sandals! 
Avocado face! 

She loves Aunt Popper
Grandpa came to visit! 
She is perfecting the pouty face. She makes this face and Jake and I bend over backwards to do whatever we can to make her stop! 
The other pouty face she makes when she is NOT happy. Breaks my heart! 
Loving on Grammy during Richard's birthday party
Got turned, twisted and stuck! This was the night we tried not swaddling at night, needless to say she still gets wrapped in her wings for bedtime
Playing outside during the rain
Watching the rain storm
Love my kiddos! 
She has started sleeping with her feet up. SO cute! 
She woke up as I walked in 
Caught her! 
All sorts of twisted around and on her tummy after a nap
Folding laundry
Sitting in her first cart at Smith's! She did so great! 
Shoulder ride from daddy. And of course, she's holding on to his ears because she LOVES to hold on to things. 
She's graduated to big girl bath tub. And she LOVES it if you couldn't tell
Sad peanut - she was very snuggly
Jake got a picture of us taking a Sunday nap together
Love this little face
She inflicted pain to someone else with those talons - she drew blood from grabbing my eye so hard! It hurt SOOO bad and I realized a few hours later she had broken the skin in two places. 
Eating some pears 
Tummy time with her bestie
Her first sticker! She got it at Smith's and immediately started trying to eat it. 
Napping on Aunt Nene
Smiling in her saucer! 
I've started giving her one of her bins of toys and she thinks it's so fun to take them all out one by one. I put her in her crib so I could hurry and get dressed and she just played contently with herself. 
7 month nearly naked shot. She's getting so big! 
Love this little smile! 

The night she turned 7 months, I finally braved up and painted her toe nails. 
SOO glad I finally did it, I love seeing them every time I see her cute feet. 
Some fun things from this month:
  • As I said earlier, she sat for the first time by herself long enough to take a picture on July 18. She is now amazing at sitting and can do it for a really long time by herself. 
  • She's doing INCREDIBLE at standing - considering how behind she was, I could not be more proud of her. She likes standing now and pulls against our fingers to get to her feet and just hangs out like that. 
  • Last week, right before bed, she took her little hands and put them on either side of my face and then pressed her lips to mine. I about died. And then she did it again 10 minutes later. Seriously, best slobber moment EVER! She hasn't done it since though :( 
  • We started doing BLW for her solids and she's doing great. So far, she's had bananas, pears, peas, green beans and avocado. She seems to LOVE green beans and avocado, likes bananas and pears and absolute hates peas. She's doing great at chewing too! 
  • Still no sign of teeth, but I swear she has her 2 lower teeth coming in at the same time. Can't see them and they aren't red so probably means nothing but I swear they're coming. 
  • She's doing much better at rolling over from her tummy to her back, but still isn't a pro at it. She knows that we get excited and make a big deal out of it when she does roll over, and one day last week as she was moving from her tummy to her side she stopped and looked at me with this "mom get ready, I'm going to roll over!" smile and then finished rolling over. So cute! 
  • She has started clicking her tongue and it's adorable. She sounds like the "tick tock" part of "Do you want to build a snowman" from Frozen. She smiles so big if we do it back to her after she's done it. 
  • She's transitioning from 3 naps to 2 and so far it's going pretty good! Only downside is I'm having a hard time getting her to drink enough ounces and that means she wakes up in the middle of the night hungry. Hoping we figured out a way to stop that, but we'll see! 
  • She can handles 2-3 hours wake time now - she does 2 hours in the morning, then a 2 hour nap, then 2 hours awake, then 2 hour nap, then 3.5 hours awake, bath and bedtime. It's fun getting so much more awake time with her! 
  • Still in size 3 diapers, fitting in 6 month clothes. She only has 2 9 month outfits, so as soon as she outgrows her clothes we'll be going shopping for a whole new wardrobe! 
  • She had the Sacrament for the first time yesterday! Because she's doing so good with solids, I gave her a teeny piece of the bread and she chewed it and swallowed it like it was no big deal. It was a proud moment for me, I've been waiting for this for such a long time! Like since I was 15 I've been so excited for having kids who can take the Sacrament. It was awesome! 
  • She loves that dumb binkie. SO dang much. Hope this isn't a problem in years to come but for right now we're ok with it. 
  • She "roars" sometimes - she LOVES it when we do it back. We call her our baby dinosaur. 
We absolutely love our little ray of sunshine, happy 7 months Kaycee! We love you!