Sunday, November 15, 2015


On September 10, I hit diamond. That was the date I had set as my goal when I wrote about it in July after quitting Telenotes and I met my goal!!

Seriously, there aren't words to describe how proud of myself I was! Seriously, I'm still SUPER proud of myself for being a diamond coach!

To celebrate the fact that Emily Wilde and I went diamond, Jaelyn (my coach) took us to breakfast and to get pedicures! It was so much fun!!

One of my goals for myself after hitting diamond was to come up with a team name for my coaches. I settled on Fit Bliss Nation and had a logo made! I absolutely LOVE it! 

My diamond shirt!! 
Because I earned diamond when I did, I also earned a weekend retreat with other diamond coaches in April! I am SOOOOO excited to go!!!

Hand, foot & mouth and Tibble Fork Canyon

Kaycee recently got hand, foot and mouth and although it sucked, for some reason I want to remember that she had it. I hope she NEVER gets it ever again!!

Before any symptoms came, she was acting super funny so we knew she was sick. She sat like this on the couch and watched all of Frozen without moving a muscle. SUPER unlike her! 

Couple days later as it was healing 

It ended up being a huge blessing in disguise - we had regional conference for church and ended up missing church 2 days before her symptoms appeared. That was when she was contagious. If we hadn't had regional conference, she would have gone to nursery and given it to her ENTIRE class!

She missed church and stayed home with Jake because she was so contagious. When I came home I wanted to get out of the house still since we'd been stuck in the house all week and we went for a drive up Tibble Fork Canyon.

Still had symptoms but was acting 100% like her normal self! 
Like I said, I hope she never gets this EVER again!! A few weeks after she was all better, she started losing her fingernails and toenails. That happens in 4% of the super extreme cases so she got REALLY sick. Glad it's over now!!


We went to Cornbelly's in October with some friends! We went last year with the same group of friends and had a blast! Our girls are all older this year so we knew it would be even more fun! 


For Women's Conference, Brynne came over and watched it with Kaycee and me while the guys went golfing! 

The following weekend was General Conference and I was super excited! I had made a goal to listen to a conference talk every day right after the April session and was excited to hear new talks from speakers I had come to love! 

We made a big breakfast and sprawled out on the couches to listen! 

I printed off some coloring pages of the apostles and Kaycee and I had fun coloring them as they spoke to us! 

Yay for General Conference!! 

Frozen Fever

Kaycee hasn't really had much of an interest in any characters from any shows. Jake and I thought it would be fun if she started liking Olaf so we started pointing him out anytime we saw him. She started noticing him and called him Sven, except she didn't say Sven because of her communication thing with her tubes. It was more of a certain high pitched noise that we knew meant Olaf/Sven. 

My mom saw that Kaycee was becoming pretty into Olaf and brought her home an Olaf from Disneyland. Kaycee LOVED him and took him absolutely everywhere!! Because she liked him so much, we bought her a Sven to match! 

Olaf going grocery shopping
Olaf and Sven in the car 
Olaf nap with her Olaf and Sven pillowcase 
Olaf and Sven at nap time
Although she still loves Olaf, now she also loves Anna. She's become quite obsessed with Frozen and points out anything she sees that's Frozen related. When she wants to watch Frozen, she'll look super upset and look at you and say "Anna, Anna" over and over again. Super adorable! We love that she loves Frozen so much!! 

BYU vs Nebraska

September 5, 2015 was the first BYU game of the season. We were playing Nebraska on the road and I will TOTALLY admit I had no hope for us winning the game. Nonetheless, it was BYU's first game of the season and I was SUPER excited!! Kaycee and I both got decked out in our BYU gear first thing in the morning and waited for the game to start. We didn't have cable yet (they came to install it a few days later) so we listened to the game on the radio. 

September 5th is a good day for BYU moments!  
The game was amazing and intense! Taysom Hill was injured and we had a true freshman (post mission) QB come in named Tanner Mangum. It came down to the final drive of the game ...

Seriously - I don't think I've EVER yelled that loud in a BYU game! Jake wasn't home and I was in Kaycee's room just after her nap and I'm sure I scared the heck out of her because I started jumping and screaming and couldn't breathe I was so excited!! 

She wasn't sure why I was so excited. And she's been going through a toothbrush and toothpaste phase - she LOVES carrying them around!  
Trying to stop screaming I was so excited!  
One of our players was so excited he hugged the ref - classic moment!  

You'd think that I had won the game based how excited I was! We went to dinner to celebrate and I wore a BYU shirt for probably 5 days in a row after that. So dang proud of our Cougars - what a fabulous way to start out the season!! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sanpete County Fair

It's a tradition each year to go to Manti for the Sanpete County Fair and spend time with Jake's family. We had so much fun going this year! 

We got there and immediately went to the fair grounds to check out the animals and play!

Being a little farmer!

Driving a tractor 
Addie driving a tractor
Riding a horse. I had one just like this at my grandparents when I was little 
Being so brave and touching a bug. She wasn't scared at all!  

Seeing the prize chickens - she LOVED them!!  

At the candy parade
Kaycee's first rodeo!

Manti temple view from the fairgrounds
That night Kaycee got super sick and was throwing up. She had been sleeping in her pack-n-play and had never slept in our bed before but did that night after throwing up.  Huge blessing that she actually slept with us when she was used to be by herself. 

We had a nice big breakfast the next day and came home. It was a super fun weekend!!