Sunday, November 15, 2015

BYU vs Nebraska

September 5, 2015 was the first BYU game of the season. We were playing Nebraska on the road and I will TOTALLY admit I had no hope for us winning the game. Nonetheless, it was BYU's first game of the season and I was SUPER excited!! Kaycee and I both got decked out in our BYU gear first thing in the morning and waited for the game to start. We didn't have cable yet (they came to install it a few days later) so we listened to the game on the radio. 

September 5th is a good day for BYU moments!  
The game was amazing and intense! Taysom Hill was injured and we had a true freshman (post mission) QB come in named Tanner Mangum. It came down to the final drive of the game ...

Seriously - I don't think I've EVER yelled that loud in a BYU game! Jake wasn't home and I was in Kaycee's room just after her nap and I'm sure I scared the heck out of her because I started jumping and screaming and couldn't breathe I was so excited!! 

She wasn't sure why I was so excited. And she's been going through a toothbrush and toothpaste phase - she LOVES carrying them around!  
Trying to stop screaming I was so excited!  
One of our players was so excited he hugged the ref - classic moment!  

You'd think that I had won the game based how excited I was! We went to dinner to celebrate and I wore a BYU shirt for probably 5 days in a row after that. So dang proud of our Cougars - what a fabulous way to start out the season!! 

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