Sunday, November 15, 2015

Frozen Fever

Kaycee hasn't really had much of an interest in any characters from any shows. Jake and I thought it would be fun if she started liking Olaf so we started pointing him out anytime we saw him. She started noticing him and called him Sven, except she didn't say Sven because of her communication thing with her tubes. It was more of a certain high pitched noise that we knew meant Olaf/Sven. 

My mom saw that Kaycee was becoming pretty into Olaf and brought her home an Olaf from Disneyland. Kaycee LOVED him and took him absolutely everywhere!! Because she liked him so much, we bought her a Sven to match! 

Olaf going grocery shopping
Olaf and Sven in the car 
Olaf nap with her Olaf and Sven pillowcase 
Olaf and Sven at nap time
Although she still loves Olaf, now she also loves Anna. She's become quite obsessed with Frozen and points out anything she sees that's Frozen related. When she wants to watch Frozen, she'll look super upset and look at you and say "Anna, Anna" over and over again. Super adorable! We love that she loves Frozen so much!! 

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