Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hand, foot & mouth and Tibble Fork Canyon

Kaycee recently got hand, foot and mouth and although it sucked, for some reason I want to remember that she had it. I hope she NEVER gets it ever again!!

Before any symptoms came, she was acting super funny so we knew she was sick. She sat like this on the couch and watched all of Frozen without moving a muscle. SUPER unlike her! 

Couple days later as it was healing 

It ended up being a huge blessing in disguise - we had regional conference for church and ended up missing church 2 days before her symptoms appeared. That was when she was contagious. If we hadn't had regional conference, she would have gone to nursery and given it to her ENTIRE class!

She missed church and stayed home with Jake because she was so contagious. When I came home I wanted to get out of the house still since we'd been stuck in the house all week and we went for a drive up Tibble Fork Canyon.

Still had symptoms but was acting 100% like her normal self! 
Like I said, I hope she never gets this EVER again!! A few weeks after she was all better, she started losing her fingernails and toenails. That happens in 4% of the super extreme cases so she got REALLY sick. Glad it's over now!!

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