Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bear World

One of my besties Jaelyn posted on Facebook that she and her family were going to Bear World in Idaho that weekend. Jake and I had been talking about going and decided to follow them up spur of the moment. We haven't been on a spur of the moment trip in almost 6 years!
All set to go on her first road trip! The farthest she had gone before that trip was to Park City

Using our selfie stick!!
Kaycee's first time crossing state borders! She LOVED seeing all the cars drive by while we were on the side of the road. 
View from our hotel room balcony! It was BEAUTIFUL!! 
We got there on Friday night and went to get some dinner at a pub/bar at the corner. The food was delicious! We felt kind of funny walking into a bar so late on a Friday night with Kaycee but fortunately they weren't super busy. Still hilarious - sounds like the start of a joke!

The next day, we woke up and went to the Pirate Museum with Jaelyn and her family! We weren't supposed to take any pictures in the museum, but I took a quick one of Kaycee playing with Sydney. We absolutely ADORE Jaelyn and her kids and her hubby!

After the museum we went to eat lunch at Cafe Saber with Jaelyn and her family. It was a yummy Mexican place and we had lots of fun all together!

After the restaurant, Jake, Kaycee and I headed for Bear World! Kaycee fell asleep on the way and slept while we drove through the park the first time. We let her sleep because she REALLY needed a nap but we were bummed she was asleep. 

This bear was probably 4 feet from the car. SOOO cool! 
When we parked the car, Kaycee woke up and we headed inside. She was immediately super excited about all the things they was to see and do!

Looking at the baby bears 
We rode around the park on the feeding truck and fed the adult animals! Kaycee liked throwing the alfalfa cubes to the elk.
Feeding the bears! 
They flock to the feeding truck - it was awesome!

After we were finished feeding the bears, we went to the petting area! Kaycee was so brave and walked right up to all the animals.

Feeding the ducks! She loved seeing their reactions when we threw food. 
Stuffed souvenir! 
We drove back to the hotel and crashed for a nap, then got some dinner at Wendy's and ate in our room like a picnic on the floor while we watched the BYU game!

Kaycee slept pretty good both nights once we got her to fall asleep. She was still not 100% used to not having a binky and isn't used to sleeping in her pack and play. We tried letting her sleep with us and that didn't work either. Jake went to Wal Mart at 1:00 AM to get a binky and that didn't work either. Eventually, we just let her cry in her pack and play - 2 minutes later she was zonked out and slept great. Saturday night, we put her to bed at a much better hour and she slept great in her pack and play. 

The next day, we got some breakfast in the hotel lobby and then got ready to check out and come home. 

Day view from our hotel balcony
View from our balcony the other direction
After checking out and saying goodbye to Jaelyn and her family, we headed to the Idaho Falls temple for a quick picture! It is closed so we couldn't get too close but it was still fun to see. Kaycee liked pointing out Moroni and we said a prayer together as a family before heading home.

It was an amazing trip and was so much fun! We loved road tripping with another family and we can't wait to make more memories with Kaycee as we visit more places! 

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