Sunday, November 15, 2015


On September 10, I hit diamond. That was the date I had set as my goal when I wrote about it in July after quitting Telenotes and I met my goal!!

Seriously, there aren't words to describe how proud of myself I was! Seriously, I'm still SUPER proud of myself for being a diamond coach!

To celebrate the fact that Emily Wilde and I went diamond, Jaelyn (my coach) took us to breakfast and to get pedicures! It was so much fun!!

One of my goals for myself after hitting diamond was to come up with a team name for my coaches. I settled on Fit Bliss Nation and had a logo made! I absolutely LOVE it! 

My diamond shirt!! 
Because I earned diamond when I did, I also earned a weekend retreat with other diamond coaches in April! I am SOOOOO excited to go!!!

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