Sunday, November 29, 2015


Kaycee's first time to Oquirrh Mountain Temple was the week of Brynne and Blake's anniversary which worked out great! The colors were AMAZING!

I loved taking Kaycee to this temple - she loved the puddles and had a lot of fun waving at those coming and going from the temple.


Jake's cousin Becca posted on IG that she was selling her puppies. I about died of cuteness!!

I told Jake I really wanted one and after a few days of begging, he agreed to go look at one. Becca had tons of interest in them and by that night, the only one left was this cute little black pup. 

We didn't necessarily have a certain color we wanted, we just knew we wanted a girl. I told Jake only 1 was left, he agreed to go look at her that night and then Becca texted me to say all the puppies were gone and she was so sorry. I was SOOOO disappointed but understood and hoped Jake would let us go look at a puppy at the Humane Society. Turns out, he had taken the last puppy and surprised me with her!! I saw the surprise coming because of a few slip ups in his story but I was still surprised he went to all that work to get her for me!! 

We went to PetSmart that night to get her all loaded up with stuff and Kaycee wanted her close to her all night. She even tried to share her chips. 
We decided to name her Minnie (like Minnie Mouse) because Kaycee can say it easily! It fits her great, especially since she is so little! Here are some more pictures we've taken since we got her!

Full grown she'll be a little smaller than Max

She's VERY cuddly!!

Cuddling me after I got my ingrown toe nail removed. 

We love Minnie and we're so glad she's in our family! She and Max are getting along great and she's doing so good with crate training and her potty training. Yay for having 2 dogs!!

Cornbelly's part 2

The day before Halloween we went to Cornbelly's again with Paige, Kjell and Majken to use our bounce back passes. We had lots of fun going back and letting the kids play on some of their favorite things again! We also did a few new things like sit in the giant chair and ride on the tractor train!

We love Cornbelly's and friends! 


For Halloween this year we dressed up as characters from Frozen! We went the day before Halloween to Brynne's school to visit her kindergarten class!

Giving high 5's with the kindergarten class during the costume parade! 

Sitting with Brynne's class for Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. She intentionally went to sit by the little girl dressed like Elsa. 
The next day was Halloween! We had a relatively normal morning until it was time to trick or treating. Then we got dressed up and ready to go out! 
Awesome costume we drove past! 
Visting my mom!

Visiting Jake's parents! 
We hauled it home and went trick or treating to 3 or 4 houses and then got ready to greet trick or treaters at our house! I didn't want to have tons of candy in the house so we gave out glow sticks instead of candy! We will definitely be doing that again! 

She LOVED waiting for the trick or treaters to come to the door! 
Playing with sunglasses we gave out to a few kids 
Eating pizza in the middle of the walkway so she could see the front door and warn us that kids were coming! 
It was an amazing Halloween - we had so much fun! Can't wait for next year!!

Halloween Ride

Jake's parents coordinate a ride each year up American Fork Canyon on 4 wheelers. Last year we went and got lost (read about that here) so this year we were determined to not get lost! We went up early in our Durango, while it was still light and found our way to camp with no problems!

We had yummy soups and breadsticks with desserts while listening to scary stories. It was so much fun!

She loved the pumpkin flash light that grandma got her! 

We had so much fun and can't wait for next year! 

Painting pumpkins

For Family Home Evening, we decided to paint pumpkins instead of carving them. We stripped Kaycee down to her diaper and let her have at it in the bathtub!

All our pumpkins!! Side note - the 4th was an accident. We accidentally took 4 pumpkins from our pumpkin picking event instead of 3. It's not a pregnancy announcement haha! 

BYU vs Wagner

My family all went to a BYU game together! I have never been to a game with my dad and I've never been able to go with 2 of my sisters. Now we just need to go to a game with all 3 sisters!

Matching shirts! 

We had a blast! It also helped that we won 70-6 haha!

Provo Temple

We met up with some friends for Kaycee's first time at the Provo temple. My friends Keeshia brought her 3 kids and 2 kids she watches during the day. Kaycee loved having friends with her while we visited the temple!

Apparently getting pictures taken with mom isn't cool anymore

The backside of the temple has this cool sign! I've never seen it before! 

We had so much fun going with friends! We ran in to the lobby so the kids could go to the bathroom and Kaycee LOVED waving good bye to the temple workers. We saw lots of missionaries and waived at them too!