Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sanpete County Fair

It's a tradition each year to go to Manti for the Sanpete County Fair and spend time with Jake's family. We had so much fun going this year! 

We got there and immediately went to the fair grounds to check out the animals and play!

Being a little farmer!

Driving a tractor 
Addie driving a tractor
Riding a horse. I had one just like this at my grandparents when I was little 
Being so brave and touching a bug. She wasn't scared at all!  

Seeing the prize chickens - she LOVED them!!  

At the candy parade
Kaycee's first rodeo!

Manti temple view from the fairgrounds
That night Kaycee got super sick and was throwing up. She had been sleeping in her pack-n-play and had never slept in our bed before but did that night after throwing up.  Huge blessing that she actually slept with us when she was used to be by herself. 

We had a nice big breakfast the next day and came home. It was a super fun weekend!!

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