Sunday, November 29, 2015


Jake's cousin Becca posted on IG that she was selling her puppies. I about died of cuteness!!

I told Jake I really wanted one and after a few days of begging, he agreed to go look at one. Becca had tons of interest in them and by that night, the only one left was this cute little black pup. 

We didn't necessarily have a certain color we wanted, we just knew we wanted a girl. I told Jake only 1 was left, he agreed to go look at her that night and then Becca texted me to say all the puppies were gone and she was so sorry. I was SOOOO disappointed but understood and hoped Jake would let us go look at a puppy at the Humane Society. Turns out, he had taken the last puppy and surprised me with her!! I saw the surprise coming because of a few slip ups in his story but I was still surprised he went to all that work to get her for me!! 

We went to PetSmart that night to get her all loaded up with stuff and Kaycee wanted her close to her all night. She even tried to share her chips. 
We decided to name her Minnie (like Minnie Mouse) because Kaycee can say it easily! It fits her great, especially since she is so little! Here are some more pictures we've taken since we got her!

Full grown she'll be a little smaller than Max

She's VERY cuddly!!

Cuddling me after I got my ingrown toe nail removed. 

We love Minnie and we're so glad she's in our family! She and Max are getting along great and she's doing so good with crate training and her potty training. Yay for having 2 dogs!!

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