Monday, May 28, 2012

Sticking with my day job...

My sister Lauryl {aka Popper} is staying with Jake & me again while my mom and step dad are in California taking care of my grandpa, who just had heart surgery. She has been here since last Tuesday and asked if I would color her hair. My mom gave her permission so on Wednesday after I got off of work we went to get color at Smith's, since I am really into box dye. Crazy I know but hey it works. Usually. 

We got home from Smith's and I started coloring her hair first. She said she usually only uses one box so that's all we got but her hair is REALLY long. I finished her hair, set the timer and told her to wash it out when it went off. I went into my bathroom and colored my hair. When I was almost done, Jake came in as he was leaving for work and told me as soon as I could I needed go check out Popper's hair. I asked if it looked ok and he said yep so I took my time finishing my color and rinsing it out. I go out of my bathroom and Popper is in my bedroom, sitting on my bed, WITH ORANGE HAIR!! ORANGE!!!! I started freaking out and she kept saying it was kinda not what she wanted and I was like UM YES. We went on an emergency run to Smith's to get some more color... 

Picking out new color
We got her color and came home. This time we bought 2 boxes of a pretty dark brown that would grab onto the orange to make it a little bit red. I SATURATED her hair with color trying to get the orange out of it, and made a gigantic mess in the process - on me, the rug, the toilet seat cover, her face, her shirt, etc. You get the picture - it was a mess! 

Coloring for the second time... 
All the color is in - lots of dye on her face haha
Finished project!! NO LONGER ORANGE! 
I like how it turned out, and more importantly so does she! It is MUCH darker than the blonde she had before but it really suits her! Needless to say, I am not even considering a career in cosmetology. I can not believe I turned her hair orange! I felt so bad! 

And here are some pictures of my hair, with the darker color - it's more red now and I got it cut again. FINALLY got all the layers cut out of it and it's gotten much thicker so now it can just grow! WOOT!! 

At least my hair worked haha! 

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