Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update in pictures!

Here is a mass dump of pictures from my phone from our summer so far!! I have got to blog more!

I gave Max a hair cut - I am getting better! 

My nursery battle wound on my nose. I got a toy accidentally thrown at me while the kids were building a pile of toys in my lap. It didn't get too big but oh it was sensitive to touch! 

Blake & Brynne at Mike & Sarah Hunt's wedding reception!

Jake & me at Mike & Sarah's wedding reception

Brynne & me at Sarah's reception

Jeannene & I before we went swimming at the Highlands pool and became lobsters! 

Popper & Jake before the Saratoga Splash Parade last Saturday

Popper in the parade - really hard to see since she is looking the other way!

My mom & me at the May birthday party for Rick, Sarah, Chris & Brynne
It's been an awesome summer so far - can't wait to see what else we do! 

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