Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kinda bugged

So whenever something comes up in my life that is kinda personal, I tell myself that rather than posting on my blog, I will write in my journal. Doesn't ever happen. Like ever. And I am forgetting all those little moments that seem so significant at the time but later are laughable. So I have come to the conclusion that I will just post it on my blog and deal with it. So here is what is bugging me today.

I have always had people think I am older than I really am. Seriously for as long as I can remember. Part of that is that I acted pretty mature when I was younger, but I think most of it is because I have always been "bigger" and that made me look older than I really am. Since I have started losing weight, I feel like I look more like a 24 year old, rather than someone who is early 30's.

I have had not 1 but 2 customers at the bank think I was older than I really am this past week! One of the customers thought I was older than our vault teller {who is 29 but looks 20}. That one bugged me a little bit but not so much because she looks so young but still. The other customer mistook me for our awesome teller who is a grandma!! Granted, he was looking at me from behind, but still? Do I wear grandma ish clothes?? Or is my hair grandma ish??

Both customers were men. I have noticed men say things that don't sound the way they intended it to sound, so maybe I am just being super paranoid about this. But I have lost weight - I don't want people thinking I look older than I really am! I don't feel like I wear grandma clothes but maybe I do?? I really shouldn't care about this but you had better believe it is kinda making me sad. What is it about me that makes me look old??? At least I can take my frustration with the situation out on turbo :)

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