Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Swimming with my favorite nieces!

While the girls were here from Arizona last week, I got to watch them for a day! Of course, since they now live in Arizona, I thought they would love to go swimming. I was right - after a little bit of time at the firehouse park by Danny & Wendy's we went to buy floaties for Emrie and then went to the pool in my neighborhood. The girls suggested my sisters come too, and Jeannene was available so we had a sisters nieces date! 

Emrie getting in the hot tub
Kenzie & I jumping in with our game we invented - we pretend we are walking and then fall into the pool
Emrie in the hot tub
View of our awesome pool!
Love these two little girls! 
Kenzie zonked out in the backseat after swimming
Emrie unconscious in the car
Can't wait until the girls come again in a few weeks so that we can go swimming again!! 

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