Wednesday, June 13, 2012

End of May means another post about my weight loss journey!!

So another month has ended, and it is time for more stats on my weight loss journey! I lost 7 lbs & somewhere around 10 inches {my book with the exact measurements is in another room and I am so not getting up right now haha}. Total weight loss is at 81 pounds! I am really starting to notice it in how my clothes fit - I have a GIGANTIC bag of clothes to donate to DI in the bonus room above the garage. I love the changes I am noticing in my mood, my weight, my body and my life. I am excited that I am going to get to eat this way and work out this way for the rest of my life - I want to feel this way for the rest of my life! 

I started eating more "clean" this month - lots more food from the fridge and not much from the pantry or freezer. I have also started eating only brown rice or whole wheat pasta. Slowly making changes, one at a time. Brynne also introduced me to hummus and OH MY WONDERFULNESS TO MY TASTEBUDS! I LOVE hummus! I eat it almost every day, whether it's on a turkey burger as the condiment or as a dip with carrots and peapods. 

This month I also started taking sweat pictures. Yes, I know that is so sick. But when I am working out and I am only sweating through my clothes a little bit, I push so much harder so that the sweat will show up for my picture. It is pushing my workouts to a whole new level! The goal is to connect the sweat dots!

After my first Zumba class with Amy at XSI - ALMOST connected the sweat dots but oh it was so fun!

After Punch Kick & Jam last week - didn't quite connect the dots
Right before ladies night at XSI! I did Zumba for the first time, along with bootcamp, PiYo & some Turbo Kick! 

After ladies night - I don't know that I have ever sweat like that before!

I love Zumba and have been doing it once a week since I discovered it at ladies night. I love to dance - I used to dance when I was younger but I haven't for several years. I look super uncoordinated but I love it! Brynne got certified in Hip Hop Hustle, a Chalene Johnson format, this month and will be teaching it at XSI soon I hope! That means I get to dance another day each week! It is such a fun cardio workout - makes me sweat but I just feel like I am having fun! I am also starting to lift weights more which is making my muscles so sore but muscle building helps build metabolism so woot woot! 

Here are some attractive pictures of me - no sweat, with make up on :) 

Love that nursery battle wound on my nose

My waist is getting smaller! WOOT!!!!
Can't wait to post about this again next month!