Friday, June 6, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

For Memorial Day weekend this year, we spent some time up Provo Canyon with Jake's family. It was Kaycee's first time going up to the property, and her first camp fire!

Seriously, can't beat this view!
Daddy's hat is a little big...
Not sure why we were so into putting stuff on her head!
Kaycee LOVES to nap in her crib. Going somewhere with her when she's tired and it's nap time is AWFUL because she can't fall asleep in arms. Unless your Aunt Keisha. Then she loves to snuggle up to you and baby Adalynn. Seriously, Keisha can ALWAYS get her to fall asleep!!
Jake on the left, Kaycee on the right. I seriously hope she's as chill and laid back as he is!
Playing with Grandpa
Feeding the princess with her glow stick
Apparently we had too much fun - she was a little baby zombie both nights!
We went up the canyon on Saturday evening after Jake got off work and on Sunday. Monday we relaxed at home and then went to my spend some time with my family and do the May birthday dinner! I forgot to take pictures but it was great fun! Love long weekends!!

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