Friday, June 6, 2014

Kaycee meets Kenzie & Emrie!!

This past weekend Kaycee got to meet 2 of her cousins!! She's already met Hunter, and snuggles with Adalynn whenever Kaycee is around Keisha (Adalynn is due in 2 weeks!) but hadn't met Kenzie or Emrie yet! They live in Arizona and we haven't seen them since Christmas, and Kaycee was still in my tummy then. It was so fun to see the girls interact with her and she LOVED them. Kaycee loves big kids!

Kenzie & Kaycee

Emrie & Kaycee
The grand girls - for now!
I absolutely love this picture!!
We're hoping we get to see more of Kenzie and Emrie before they head back home to Arizona, but they will be back later in the summer and we can do ever more fun things with them then!

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