Saturday, August 11, 2012

First & only time

On Wednesday June 27, I had the chance to go to Girls Camp! Yes I know that was a while ago - I haven't made time to sync my camera to my computer until today! I went with my mom's ward {the ward I grew up in} and got to be up there with my 2 youngest sisters, Jeannene & Lauryl {aka Popper}. My mom also came, even though neither of us are in young women's. The reason we got to go? Because my sister Brynne was asked to be the speaker for the ENTIRE stake at the nightly devotional! This is the only time ever that all 4 sisters were at Girls Camp at the same time! My mom & I drove up together after I got off work at 6:15 and met Brynne & Blake up there {Blake is so awesome for coming to Girls Camp to hear his wife speak!!} The Girls Camp theme was "Out of the this world" so Brynne spoke on how to be in the world and not of the world. It was a WONDERFUL talk - she is a spiritual dynamo!! I am SO lucky to have her as a sister and role model! Here are some of the highlights of the night!!

Brynne & Blake
Popper after she got Fargarrawr
Mom, Blake & Brynne 
Mom & Brynne
Brynne & me - LOVE this girl!
Me, mom, Bryne & Popper - Jeannene was at a YCL meeting
Me, mom, Brynne & Blake
Brynne & Blake singing camp songs - Bazooka-zooka bubble gum to be exact
Doing the movements to Bazooka-zooka bubble gum 
Spinning in a circle....
We were laughing REALLY hard
Jeannene leading the camp in singing along with the rest of the YCL's
Jeannene announcing the nightly devotional
Brynne's "stage" for her devotional
Charlotte Ducos announcing Brynne as the speaker. Charlotte was my Young Women's leader and is the stake camp director! PERFECT woman for the job!
My camera started acting up at this point - I am SO bummed this turned out blurry!
Brynne speaking - sorry it's blurry!!
It was a WONDERFUL talk!
After we were done with the devotional, we walked to "singing in the trees" at the top of camp. It was really singing under the stars, since we weren't around any trees. It was amazing how strong the Spirit was - makes me REALLY miss Girls Camp! After we finished singing, we went to the ward's campsite and played mafia for about an hour and then went to bed - it was around 1 AM and we needed to leave around 7 to be home in time for me to get to work!

The next morning we packed up camp and went down to the ward campsite for breakfast - homemade fruit and yogurt parfaits with Costco muffins - YUMMMMM!!! 

All of the girls at Girls Camp together :) 

Sisters :) 

Right before we left to go home

Me & Leslie Jones - she was one of my Young Women leaders and I LOVE her!  She is the Young Women's  President now, so she is with Jeannene! 
It was a wonderful night! I am so glad I got the chance to go to Girls Camp with all my sisters!

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