Saturday, August 11, 2012

I got it!

I got the job I applied for at Saratoga Springs! My interview was yesterday and went really good! I don't know why I was nervous - I have worked with Angie {the Operations Manager} before at Pleasant Grove - she is who hired me! But I was still really worried. Mostly because I REALLY wanted to get the position. And they offered it to me in - during the interview! I got the call from HR about an hour later to make it official. I am SO excited!

I don't start at Saratoga for a few weeks - they have to hire and train a replacement for me first at Pleasant Grove. But in the mean time, I get to work full time at PG! 9-6, Monday through Friday just like my new schedule will be. And when I am not tellering {12-6 M W F} I will be learning new accounts! I am so excited but definitely overwhelmed - there is a TON to know about new accounts! Michele & Nadine will be training me the next few weeks and I am really looking forward to it! Hopefully it "clicks" pretty fast and I get the hang of it. I will be a back up for new accounts at Saratoga, but they are a much slower branch so I won't get the chance to learn much if I train there. Hopefully I retain everything I learn!

It's amazing to me how much I WANT to work full time. When I left eBay and came to the bank 2 years ago, I was convinced the reason I was so stressed all the time and that my life was falling apart was because I worked full time - that it was just too much for me to be doing. And now, on weeks I only work 3 days, I find myself bored and wishing I had something to do. Besides sleep for 18 hours. I like feeling productive, and there are only so many times you can grocery shop or do laundry in a week {especially when there are only 2 of us!}. I am really looking forward to getting to work more - make more money to help us meet our financial goals faster, and feel more productive. There is no reason for me to be bored - I don't have to be working part time. Yes, I am ABLE to work part time because of Jake's amazing job but I don't have to. And sometimes change is nice - it will be SO sad to leave my branch, my co workers and my customers. But learning something new, and making new friends with new co workers, and getting to meet new customers, and having a shorter commute, and more money are all WONDERFUL new changes that I am so excited for!

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