Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012 Yearly Tour

We just hit the one year mark of living in our house - YAY! I wanted to do something to celebrate but had no idea what. Then it hit me - looking at pictures I posted when we first bought the house made me realize how much the decor has changed since then so I am going to take you on another tour of our house! I am going to do this every year when we hit our "mark" of when we bought the house so that I can remember what it looked like after each year of living here! If you want to look at the original tour from 2011, click here. Ok - here we go!

Our House!
Front Porch
Table in the entry way
Wall opposite the entry way - Proclamation with 2 weddings pictures and a vinyl  phrase that says "Home Where Our Story Begins"
Going now to the east wing  of the McClellan Castle {hey it's my castle ok??}
The office - this is the room that faces the front of the house
Wall in the office with one small bookcase
Another wall in the office with the other bookcase
The last wall in the office
The second bedroom - currently a guest bedroom with my crafting stuff on the bed
Vinyl lettering & Draper Temple picture on the wall opposite of the bed in the guest bedroom
The linen closet and coat closet in the hallway between the two bedrooms
The guest bathroom
The living room - standing near the kitchen
Another view of the living room - standing near the hallway that leads to the 2 bedrooms and guest bathroom
Another view of the living room - standing by the chairs looking toward the front door
The ledge in the living room - decided what I want on that wall, just haven't made it yet!  {Thank you Pinterest!} 
The Kitchen
Another view of the kitchen
Love the "Home" above the cabinets - my aunt Myrleen made that for Jake & me!
The corner cabinets
Pantry with vinyl saying above it :)
The dining room
Another view of the dining room - that large window looks out onto the patio
Hallway that leads from the living room to the laundry room, garage & master bedroom
Laundry room door {with the sign on it}. garage door is on the right and you can see the door frame for the master on the left
Our garage with the Mazda & Chevy
Our Laundry Room
Another view of the Laundry Room
Across the Laundry Room is the stairs to the basement {dun dun dun}
Big pile of stuff in the basement - mostly camping stuff. That doorway will SOMEDAY be our cold storage
Past the cold storage to the right are 2 "bedrooms" - one has nothing in it and one is where we store the holiday decor and empty boxes left over from moving
To the left of the cold storage is my Turbo room! This will be a family room someday but for now it's my get skinny room!
My TV, fan and Turbo Fire collection of DVD's! And yes, I AM so glam that I sweat glitter! There is another "bedroom" and "bathroom" in the basement too but those have NOTHING in them at the moment so I didn't bother to take a picture. When the basement is finished, it will have 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a family room, the water furnace room, cold storage and a storage space under the stairs.
View of our master bedroom when you walk in the bedroom door
View of the master from the door, including Max's bed and one of the windows
View from the corner of the bedroom
View from the front of the bed in the corner of the bedroom
The opposite side of the room - haven't figured out how I want to decorate over there so I haven't really taken pictures of it before today!
Max's domain, right next to the master bathroom
View of our bedroom from the master bathroom
Our bathroom. Once again, I LOVE our bathroom!!
Our jetted tub - this was a REQUIREMENT when we were looking for a house!
My princess counter - I seriously love getting ready on that stool. GAH I just love the master bathroom!!
His & Her sinks
The throne, complete with the cabinet Jake has had to fix at least 5 times
Master closet - man that looks messy haha. Jake's clothes are on the top right, mine are on the bottom right and then pants and dresses go on the bar on the left with shoes and towels in the cubbies
View of the cubbies with my necklace hanger {it's a toilet paper  holder - once again, thank you pinterest!}
View of the backyard from the patio
Our well loved BBQ
Empty garden box - Max loves to dig in there so I didn't plant anything this year. I want to move it, but I don't know where so for now it is staying right there!
Standing at our fence looking at the back of our house!
Last but not least and kinda out of order - the "bonus room" above the garage. Right now its my craft room but it is WAY too hot up there since the vents are all closed so I have been crafting in the guest bedroom
I have big plans for this room someday - it is going to be the AWESOMEST more ORGANIZED playroom for our kids!! Like I said, someday. 
And that is our house and how it looks after one year! Here is to MANY more years in our wonderful home!

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