Monday, October 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Ok as promised. here are some pictures of our wonderful new home! I'm going to post them kind of as a virtual tour...

This is our house on July 4th - we were waiting to close on it, and showing it to our parents for the first time! 
(Notice how beautiful {cough cough} our lawn is compared to the neighbors to the left)

We got the key!! Officially homeowners!! 

Jake standing in front of the house as we are about to go through it for the first time as the owners!! 

Before picture of the carpets and how nasty they are - this picture doesn't do justice!! 


Ok starting tour.... This is the front door... 

When you walk in the front door, this is the view that you see (this is the Family Room)

The view of the front door from the inside & our "McClellan Est 2009" glass wall frame fabulousness! 

The other side of the front door - the Family: Proclamation to the World and a wedding picture on either side 

This was our Family Room before we mounted the TV... 

This is our Family Room after we mounted the TV!! (And our Fall decor is on the ledge)

Another view of the decor


The other side of the Family Room - haven't decide what to do on that ledge yet... 
The blocks on the shelf say "Family" with different pictures of us
The little hallway leads to 2 bedrooms and a bathroom... 

Close up of the Manti Temple picture my mom gave us for Christmas in 2009

This is the bathroom... 

And this is one of the bedrooms - our office where we keep the Mac Desktop and paperwork stuffage... 
(Sorry its dark - lighting wouldnt cooperate)

This is the other side of the same office bedroom - that wall was covered in the most awful hand-painted acrylic stripe paint in the universe when we bought the house but Rick (my step dad) & Popper (my sister) fixed it all up and made it beautiful!!!! 

And there is nothing to see in the other bedroom - it was a spare bedroom but we no longer have the bed so its just empty. So you can't see it haha. 

This is the kitchen, which is to the left of the Family Room (so we have walked out of the hallway and back into the main living area)

The dining room 

This is the stair case that leads to the bonus room above the garage - right now it is messy and full of crafting things that are Christmas Presents so I'm not posting any pictures of up there... 
But it's an awesome room that's very long and open and has a nice view over the neighborhood. 

Ok, so then there is a hallway to the right (the left hallway led to the 2 bedrooms and 1 bath) that leads to the laundry room, the garage, and our bedroom... 

I didn't take any pictures of the hallway because there is nothing hanging up there yet because I haven't decided how to decorate it yet... and the laundry room is just a laundry room so no pictures of that either... 

Our garage that fits both our cars!!!!!!!!!!! 

The view from our bedroom when you stand at the end of the bed (obviously). Our bedroom is long, so its hard to get a picture of the whole thing because there isn't anywhere to stand to get the whole view... 
On the opposite wall is the TV and dresser and Max's crate (where he sleeps)

I just love how much counter space we have - it is wonderful!!! 

Our tub and shower 

This is our backyard, about 3 weeks after we moved in - and this is SO much better than it looked when we moved in. It was so dead and sparse that we thought we were going to have to re plant the entire backyard! 

And this is our backyard after Jake released his green thumb!!! The grass was able to be revived!!!! 

Our BBQ - Jake is the worlds greatest BBQ'er!!!  

This is our house today, with the greener yard and our Fall decor outside (a wreath and a pumpkin stake)
Next spring we are going to plant trees and bushes and such in front of the house!! 

And this is Max's favorite part of the house - the window that looks out the front. He will sit there for hours, watching the cars drive by and watching the kids in the neighborhood play. It's our puppy size window :) 

So that's our house!! More pictures will come as I get more things up with decorations, and once we start doing things in the yard!! 

And I decided there won't be any crafting pictures going up because a lot of things that I have crafted are Christmas presents and I don't want to ruin any surprises for anyone!!

Yay for our beautiful home <3 <3 <3


  1. Your home looks amazing! Now the next thing to do is see it in person! Miss you!

  2. Your home is beautiful. The master bath is to die for!