Saturday, October 29, 2011

Goals & Ambitions, Hopes & Dreams...

So I have been thinking about a lot of goals that I have and what I want to do with my life and decided to write them down somewhere that I will see them and I figured my blog was a good place since I can look at it from my phone if I need a reminder. These are not in any particular order, just as I thought of them.

1. Go to the temple with my amazing husband Jake & be sealed to him for eternity.
2. Become a mom (to a human being, not just a dog)
3. Get my bachelors degree
4. Pay off our mortgage early
5. Plant a garden (with edible fruits & vegetables)
6. Have 6 months worth of expenses in savings (our "Emergency Fund")
7. Go Skydiving
8. Go on a cruise to Alaska
9. Visit London, England
10. Go inside every temple in Utah
11. Pay cash for a 4 wheeler
12. Own property (for camping - something besides our home)
13. Remain debt free (never use a credit card again)
14. Go to the Olympics when they are not held in Utah
15. Become a BYU season ticket holder that gets to sit on the west side, 50 yard line.

Obviously some of these things are going to be many years away, but some of them are attainable sooner rather than later. As I accomplish any of these goals, I will post updates! And as I think of more goals, I will be sure to post those as well!


  1. Ashley, I love these goals. I think it is so great to be goal oriented. You should look at my goal blog.

  2. I have seen your blog Alli!! Thats what inspired me to make my goals! I love it! You are the ultimate blogger - I can't believe you have 3 blogs that you consistenly update. WAY TO GO!!