Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3 Years & Counting

This past weekend was our 3 year anniversary!! YAY for Jake putting up with me for that long!! We both got the day off work and decided to spend the day together. We woke up pretty early {apparently I was really excited about it being our anniversary!} and watched YouTube videos in bed for a while with Max, then decided to get up and get some breakfast. 

I love this picture - like a lot!
We went to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe in Orem - SO yummy and they have a really good menu with "lighter" menu options!

Quick picture before we eat breakfast!
My breakfast - an egg white omelette with veggies, salsa and jalapeno's on it and fruit!
Jake's breakfast - waffles with sausage, bacon, an over easy egg & red potatoes! His looks better huh?? Haha
After breakfast we went shopping for anniversary presents! I got 2 new pairs of shoes at Famous Footwear. Jake was SO patient while I shopped and helped me search high and low for the right size Nike's. They only had 1 shoe in 7.5 - not a pair of shoes - just 1. So I had to order those - they should be here in the next few days! 
My new Turbo Shoes!! Nike Lunarlon's!! 
Other new shoes!! SO comfortable because of the platform in the toe area. And yes I love them, even though they are red!
We looked for some shoes for Jake and couldn't find any he wanted, which is why I got the red shoes. It was buy one get one half off - how could I say no to 50% off shoes?? We found a new stereo for the truck that has a DVD player built into it - that was Jake's gift. I can't find any pictures of it though, but I am sure I will post some once we get it installed in the truck. He is REALLY excited about it. He had a stereo similar to this one in his GMC Jimmy that he had while we were dating and it was really fun to go for a drive up the canyon and then watch a movie. Now we can do it in the truck! 

After we finished shopping, we went home to relax for a little bit. AKA I fell asleep. Jake watched some TV and YouTube videos and then woke me up to go get some dinner at Tucano's at Gateway Mall in Salt Lake! FREAKING delicious!! We ate SO much food though - we both felt SO sick afterwards! 

Feeling sick from too much food - attractive picture huh?? 
More attractive picture - feeling sick and full!! 
After dinner, we walked about 10 yards to the Gateway Megaplex theater and got tickets to see Nitro Circus in 3D. 

Guess which one of us picked this movie?! Haha
Empty theater!
Rocking our 3D glasses!
Goofing off waiting for the movie to start. I LOVE this picture for some reason - Jake's smile is the best. It totally sums up his spontaneous silly personality! 
Jake was ready to be done taking pictures by this point - can you tell?!
After the movie, we went to JCW's in Lehi for some ice cream. Because we were sick from all the food we ate at Tucano's, we figured it would be a good idea to eat MORE food. To say it was my cheat day would be an understatement but it was a special occasion and I worked out REALLY hard the next day so it's all good!

It was an awesome anniversary. Best 3 years of my life - can't wait to see what forever looks like!

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