Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weight loss milestones...

The beginning of a new month has become one of my very favorite things - especially since I have been having such awesome months lately! Beginning of August means that it's time to tell you all about how AWESOME my weight loss efforts went in July! I haven't taken my measurements yet, but I can DEFINITELY tell that I am toning. My stomach is probably the most noticeable area, with my arms coming in second place. And I lost 15 pounds. 15! In a month!! HECK FREAKING YES!! And losing 15 pounds helped me reach 2 milestones in my weight loss journey.

Milestone #1 - I reached "one"derland. On July 8th to be exact. A few days short of my 4th of July goal, but I reached it! I started screaming when I saw the scale :)

My toes look so cute huh?? I did that ALL BY MYSELF!
I did the 5 Day Inferno Plan for the first time this month. It is a 5 Day eating plan that comes with Turbo Fire and it REALLY helped me reach my goal of "one"derland! I will definitely be following that eating plan again - I LOVED IT! It gave me some great ideas for more lunches and snacks, and it also made me realize I don't eat fish very often so I eat salmon a few days a week now too!

Milestone #2 of this month is that I have lost 100 pounds. 100.4 to be exact. And it happened on my half birthday. What a FREAKING awesome present to give to myself!!

Screenshot of my weight tracker app showing I have lost 100 pounds!
100 pound difference!
I started crying for sure when I saw the scale. I have lost 100 pounds! 100! Triple digits!! I am SO dang proud of myself, even though I know I am not done. That is a milestone I have been looking forward to for a LONG time though and it feels AWESOME to have reached it! 30 pounds to go - I am in the home stretch!!

Here are some more pictures from the month, showing just how awesome I am feeling about myself!

Lost another pant size - same shirt, same dressing room, smaller size pants! Down to a size 14 {and now they are getting a little loose!!}

Bought some new workout clothes, because all my old stuff was too big!
My TurboFire shirt came!
Feeling pretty skinny!
Chalene Johnson posted this on Facebook the day I had officially lost 100 pounds. Obviously she didn't post it for me, but I loved the timing of it!
And last but not least, I have decided to run a half marathon. I know. Me - run?! 13.1 miles?! But I am doing this. I signed up on Tuesday so no going back now, unless I want to be out $65! I am running the Halloween Half Marathon with Brynne, my mom & Jeannene. It is on October 27, so 12 weeks from today! I started training this week, jogging 2.8 miles on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Max. I can jog a lot farther than I used to be able to - if I go REALLY slow I can jog almost the entire way without stopping to walk but I am trying to work on taking longer strides, so I walk some and then jog again. It seems to be a bit much for Max, but hopefully he will get used to it because I love jogging with him. I think I should bring some water for him and stop half way so that he can get a drink haha.
Day 1 of Half Marathon training - don't know which one of us was more tired!
I am starting to develop shin splints and that SUCKS. They are SO not fun - I don't know how people can live with this. I am going to work on "heel strike" when I run so that my shins aren't taking such an impact from my feet slamming the ground. It's made me feel SUPER sore this week though - my calves and shins are never sore and they REALLY hurt. But hey, my body can't change without some pain so this is a good thing! Can't wait to tell you all about where I am at next month!

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