Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crazy Cool If...

For my 24th birthday, my sister Brynne got me one of the best books I have ever read called "Push" by Chalene Johnson - the creator of all things Turbo. It is a a "diet and exercise" book, but it is also a book about goals and working towards the things you want in life and how fitness plays into that. Seriously - AMAZING book. I highly recommend it! The book has 30 chapters, and is designed to read a chapter each day. It is the end of July and I am STILL not done with the book - but oh I love it.

One of the first things that she has you do is list 10 crazy cool things that you want to have happen this year. 10 things that are like crazy - out of this world - but would be SO awesome if they happened. Attainable but hard things. And you write them in the present tense, like they have already happened. I made my list back in January and have really been giving it a lot of thought lately and changed a few of them and thought I'd post them!

It'd be crazy cool if...
  • I am a certified turbo instructor
  • I weigh 160 pounds
  • I am a size 8
  • We have a fully funded emergency fund (can pay all bills and remain debt free for 6 months if Jake lost his job)
  • I have performed an endowment session in every Utah temple
  • I have attended Camp Do More
  • I have run a half marathon
  • I have been sky diving
  • I am sealed to my husband

Some of those we are really close on - the turbo instructor should be happening before Halloween {hopefully!!}, I should be at my goal weight by Thanksgiving, goal pant size probably around my birthday  {which means I may end up weighing less than my goal weight}, sky diving hopefully for my 25th birthday and HOPEFULLY sealed by Christmas!!! That would make this the most EPIC year of my life - I will have lost over 90 pounds just this year and 130 pounds overall, and become sealed to my amazing Jake. I look at wedding dresses all the time, since we are going to have professional pictures taken and I am going to rent another wedding dress {it'll be like our second wedding day!!} and that REALLY motivates me to work out! I love our wedding pictures, don't get me wrong, but I have changed SO much since then and want the new pictures to really show all those changes - my weight, my attitude, my complexion, my hair, blah blah.

On our wedding day, I was SO stressed. Like it's unmeasurable how stressed I was. I hope I never, ever feel that way again. And it was my fault because I was a bridezilla and had to have everything perfect and because I was so stressed I was SO snappy and rude leading up to the wedding and at times on the day of the wedding and my skin was broken out and I just feel mad at myself that I acted that way towards other people on my wedding day. I am dang lucky Jake still married me haha. And that my sisters still talked to me afterwards. So I want to get a "do over" and have our sealing day be absolutely perfect, in all the ways a wedding day is perfect - with mistakes, and smiles over someone being a little late rather than coming unglued about absolutely everything. And more importantly, I can't wait to know that Jake is mine beyond this life. That death can't seperate us. That our kids will be born to parents who were married by the property authority so that we can be a forever family. And that is a goal worth working towards!


  1. If ever you decide to run a half marathon, I'll totally do it with you!

    1. Heck yes!! I want to do one, but it will probably be early next year. Any tips for training??