Saturday, July 14, 2012

New bed!

So I mentioned a few months ago that I "earned" a new dresser from Ikea because I weigh less than Jake. It still hasn't happened, and I have been having a hard time figuring out which one I want. But then I put laundry away once or twice a week and nearly knock the TV off the top of the dresser because I have to be so tough on the drawers to get them to close. I'd really prefer that we not break the TV. And I am so frustrated that no clothes fit in there!

On Thursday, I went to get new garments and work out clothes. It helped me realize that I need to get rid of a lot of t shirts that I have, since they are too big and I don't need 12 shirts to sleep in. Putting away the new stuff was hard because our dresser is just awesome and yeah you know that already. I was thinking maybe I could start storing things underneath my bed in clear boxes and then it hit me - we should get a bed with drawers in it!!

Jake agreed that storing stuff under the bed would be an awesome idea so I text Kyle Brooks, one of our really good friends that is awesome at wood working stuff. I asked him if he could build one for us and he started asking about what we wanted right away - one with 3 or 4 drawers, that is black, that the bed sits on so it is raised off the floor but Max won't be able to get under the bed either. After a few questions, Kyle sent me a picture from Ikea of exactly what we wanted, on sale. For cheaper than he could build it, and we wouldn't have to wait months to get it!! I was SO excited!! Jake went to get it the yesterday while I was at work, and when I got home we put it together. Well I started helping, and then Kyle & his wife Calli came over and Kyle took over so I didn't have to help anymore! A few hours and 2 Little Caesar's pizzas later I have a new bed!!!  

Notice how lifted it is compared to the nightstands - it is SUPER high! Max can't get up by himself yet!
Side view of the bed!
View of one of the 4 drawers open - there are 2 on my side of the bed and 2 on Jake's side
I seriously love it! We got a black fitted sheet to put over the box spring so that the "polka dots" on the box spring are no longer visible, and I already have stuff in my drawers! One of my drawers is specifically for work out clothes, sorted into outfits so that I just pick up the stack and it has everything I will need for my workout! The drawers are SO roomy, wide, and deep. I LOVE it! And because this Ikea experiment went so well, I think I am getting my new dresser this next week :) YAY for more space and storage and improving our bedroom!!

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  1. I love your new bed! The pull-out drawers are fabulous! Congratulations on the weight loss!