Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012 is halfway over - time for a weight loss update!

I need to start thinking of better titles for my weight loss posts. Anywho - June is over and it's time to post how awesome my month went! I lost 9 lbs and I am down another pant size. My measurements showed that I gained some but my clothes fit way different so I must have measured something wrong either this month or last month. Total weight loss for the year is at 48 pounds, and I have lost 87 since I started losing weight 2 years ago. Crazy huh?? That means I am 40 pounds from my goal weight. 40! That is like 4 or 5 months away! And I am 3 pant sizes from my goal pant size! I will be at my goal by Thanksgiving, just you wait and see.

Turbo is going amazing. I had a day this month where I didn't feel up to Turbo so I went to the gym and did the elliptical for 30 minutes and then lifted weights for 30 minutes and it was the longest hour of my life. Elliptical used to be something I really liked but not since I found turbo. It was SO boring! I haven't been able to do Zumba at all for the past month because I am working 6 days a week for a little while and wouldn't have time to shower before I would need to be at work. Hopefully next month I will be back to my normal 3 days a week and I can go back to Zumba at least once a week.

There is a fitness challenge that does {the company that sells P90X, Insanity & Turbo Fire} each year where the 2 people {male and female} with the most amazing weight loss stories win $100,000 each. I'm just putting it out there right now that I am going to win that next year. By the time I reach my goal, I will have lost 130 pounds and who knows - maybe I'll keep going after that. Thinking about that helps me when I feel tired during a workout or when I don't want to wake up or when an ice cream shake sounds way better than a bowl of strawberries with cottage cheese. Getting it out there now, in writing, so I can prove that I knew this would happen - I am going to win that challenge next year.

Here are some pictures from this month - I feel vain that I take so many pictures of myself all the time but I am constantly shocked when I look in the mirror and see how small my waist is getting. I bought a new pair of capris the other day {in a smaller size - WOOT!} and looking at them on the hanger, the waist looked way too small. And they fit. That is an awesome feeling!

My hair is growing!! And my waist is shrinking! WOOT!
One of my new Maurices shirts!
Day of the rodeo!
Another of the Maurice's shirts
How I started out my 4th of July!
Yep, you guessed it - another new Maurices shirt
Progress picture - from January to now. And yes, the pink cardigan is a Maurices shirt haha
I feel like I am in the home stretch - almost done!! I am no longer doing weight watchers as of today. Because of how I have been eating so clean {TONS of fruits and vegetables}, my weight watchers points total shows I should be eating a lot more food {fruits and vegetables are 0 points} but they do have calories in them, so I am eating enough but my points doesn't reflect that. As a result, I am switching to counting calories so that it is a more accurate reflection of what I am eating. I discovered quinoa this month - holy smokes its yummy! It had brown rice and garlic in it and WOW it was something I could eat often! I started eating cottage cheese too, thanks to Brynne - I may have told you that last month but either way I am telling you now. And because it is summer, we have been having tons of fresh fruit and TONS of BBQ's - I am so in love with Turkey Burgers it's almost pathetic. Put that on a sandwich thin with either some spicy 3 pepper hummus or a 100 cal pack of guacamole and HMMMMMMM HMMMMMM HMMMMMM!!!!! Yeah I am going to start drooling over my keyboard just thinking about it.

Can't wait to post pics a month from now! I will have lost 100 pounds by then!


  1. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! SO PROUD OF YOU, ASHLEY! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  2. You seriously are my hero! I'm so proud of you! You motivate me to want to exercise more, instead of running. You're awesome! Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Wow, I am amazed at how ambitious you are! Your hard work is paying off- you look great and I am sure you are enjoying better health, too! Yay!