Monday, July 15, 2013

Final Guesses

So it's Friday, July 12 but this isn't going to get published until Monday July 15 sometime. Today, at 4 PM, we are going to see what our  baby is! And I am SOOOOO excited. My family & Jake's family all thinks we are going to find out what the baby is on July 30. Nope, we are going today. So we are going to surprise them this weekend with colored cake or cupcakes and tell them what we are having.

Seriously, I am dying. SOOO excited!! I promised Jake that no matter what it is, we won't do any decorating or anything until 20 weeks. That was his big hang up with finding out early - he didn't want to have to start doing stuff for the nursery all ready. So I promised - another 5 weeks AND THEN we can start working on the nursery. At least I can LOOK at stuff now haha.
Even though I want it to be a boy, I think it's a girl. I always wanted an older brother growing up, ALWAYS. And for that reason, my ENTIRE life, I have ALWAYS wanted a boy first. But I think it's a girl. AND IF YOU ARE A LITTLE GIRL AND YOU ARE READING THIS SOMEDAY, DAD & I LOVE YOU! We just hoped you'd be a boy. But a girl is great too!

Jake thinks it's a boy.

Jake's mom thinks it's a boy.

My mom & Brynne casually called it a he last time I talked to them. I can't get their final guess though, since they don't know I am doing this today and I don't want to ruin the surprise! But I pointed it out and neither changed their mind to say girl. So I'm taking that as they think it's a boy.

Everyone at work isn't quite decided what they think it is. Lindsey, Faith & Leah think it's a girl. Angie & Justin think it's a boy.

Athina thinks it's a girl, Keeshia thinks it's a boy.

I've had a few customers at work say they think it's a boy. Nicolette guessed that Lindsey was having a girl & I was having a boy. EVERYONE at work thought Lindsey was having a boy and she found out this past Monday she is having a little girl. So Nicolette was right! Maybe she will be right about me having a boy?

 4 o'clock can't come soon enough!! We are going to Fetal Studio's at South Towne Mall in Sandy. And then, I may or may not go buy their first little outfit. Maybe that's how we'll announce it on Facebook? I have no idea on that one yet... But like I said, we are doing either a cake or cupcakes for my family with white frosting and the inside will be pink or blue. I wonder how long it'll take before they catch on to what is happening? Haha. Our nieces are in town right now too, so they will get to find out with the rest of the family! YAY!

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