Wednesday, July 31, 2013


When I started losing weight 18 months ago, I remember seeing someone post pictures about having a fit pregnancy. And I was instantly motivated. After all, the whole reason I wanted to lose weight was to be a mom. 

This January, my eating-healthy motivation started to slack. I kept working out, but I was definitely screwing up on my eating more often. And I started gaining weight. Not plateauing - gaining. By the time we got pregnant, I'd gained about 25 pounds. Not so awesome. 

And even though I knew I could exercise while pregnant, I stopped. And I stopped counting calories. And then I was surprised at my 16 week appointment when I had gained 10 pounds since my 12 week appointment. Kaycee is growing but not that fast. There's no reason to gain that much that fast, especially where I was overweight to start my pregnancy. 

And I am doing something about it. 

I worked out today for the first time since my half marathon. I did burn circuit 1 from ChaLean Extreme. First time I have done a Chalene Johnson workout since I found out I was pregnant. That means its been 12 weeks since I did one of her workouts. That's 3 months. And that's bad for me. I love Chalene. She motivates me like none other. Going that long without her wasn't a good idea. But like I said, I am doing something about it. 

I am going to start doing SOMETHING everyday. Yoga, taking max for a walk, doing ChaLean Extreme - whatever. Something needs to happen EVERYDAY. I need to keep moving. I feel SOOO different today now that I have worked out. I have accomplished a lot in the last few hours. I am WANTING to watch what I eat - to only fuel my body & Kaycee's with good things. And that is ONLY because I got my sweat on.

I am going to make this my Knowledge Value project to re earn my YW medallion as a leader. I am going to complete CLX in the time frame given - 3 times a week, every week, for 12 weeks. Along with exercising, I am going to eat healthy. Watch my portions. Not diet. Not starve. Eat healthy. Eat more vegetables and less crackers. 

I took a few pictures after I was done with my workout and I don't love what the pictures look like. I will post them after the 12 weeks are over with a side by side of what I look like then. By then I'll be 30 weeks pregnant. And even though my belly will be bigger {obviously} the rest of me is going to look better. 

Just wait and see. 

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