Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kaycee's 15 Week Ultrasound

Finally got around to uploading Kaycee's ultrasound pictures to my laptop! Only took me 2 weeks haha - could have been worse! 

Our little peanut. I seriously fell in love at this point. The last ultra sound, she looked like a tadpole. But now, there is a real little person inside me! 
Look at that cute nose! 
Another real good shot of her side
She was 9 CM long
Look at how high her little legs are - she is probably kicking me and I just can't quite feel it yet. Soon, little one! 
Being Miss Modest putting her hand between her legs so that we couldn't see she was a "miss"
Another profile shot after she moved her hand back up to her face. Good girl!
The little lines mean it's a girl. Good thing that someone else knows that because I have no idea what I am looking at!
Another shot between her legs from the angle of her bum. Seriously, no idea what I am looking at here haha
She keeps her hands up by her face. Prepping for all those phone conversations haha
She has 5 little fingers
Got her hands in "turbo" position. She's gonna be just like her mom :)
We love our little princess already. Seeing a real little person in there makes throwing up 4 times yesterday so much easier to handle! Can't wait until we go to her 20 week appointment and get to see her again!

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