Monday, July 22, 2013

A trip to Hobby Lobby

A few weekends ago, I had the chance to go to Hobby Lobby with Jake's mom to help her decorate their living room. They just got all new furniture in there and needed new décor to go with it! It was so much fun helping her pick stuff out, and while I was there, I found the PERFECT thing for our big blank wall in the living room!

I had been thinking I wanted to do a photo collage on that wall, but we have pictures hanging on the wall opposite of it, and I LOVE that display, so I have been debating. And then I saw this and just knew this is what we needed to get! I want to take some of our favorite pictures and add them to the ledge up top - the décor up there is a bit boring. But that will come later since all my décor money is about to go to Kaycee's room haha!

Here's our new rod iron scroll on the wall. And it was 50% off - woot!! Jake did an amazing job of hanging it for me, with one nail, one try. Right in a stud. He is great - I would have made a MESS of the wall if I did it by myself. Thanks love!!

Love how it turned out!! Wendy bought the same one for their living room too!
Vertical view. It turned out great. And we can add things on the sides if we want later down the road!
After we were done at Hobby Lobby, we went to Wal Mart to get some throw pillows for Wendy's new couches. I happened to see this green throw pillow and loved it for our bedroom, so I got it!

Love the pop of color it adds to this side of the room - matches our green curtains on the windows!
I love decorating. And I really like working on our room. Gotta enjoy it while I can since I have a feeling ALL our money will be going to Miss Kaycee's room for a while!

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