Monday, July 22, 2013

16 week appointment

Last Thursday I had my 16 week appointment with my midwife. I got to meet with Dena Walker again. She's the midwife I met with at my 12 week appointment. And I LOVE her! I feel SO comfortable talking to her about everything. We started out the appointment with my weight and blood pressure. Blood pressure is good, which is great since I had pretty high blood pressure a few years ago but I gained 10 pounds since my 12 week appointment. 10!!! GOOD GRIEF!

She came in after that and started with looking for Miss Kaycee's heart beat. I wanted to talk about my weight gain first thing haha. I was really upset that I had gained so much. She said part of it might be because I had a morning appointment last time and this was an evening appointment, but we talked about some things I can do to slow down the weight gain {not avoid it or lose because she made it very clear I am not on a diet} and I have already started implementing some of those things. I've been eating lots more vegetables, like I talked about in my 16 week post, and I have been limiting fruit to 2 servings a day. I also stopped having peanut butter with my fruit in the morning. Tastes amazing, yes, but is high on the calorie chart in exchange for the few grams of protein I get. I just need to start eating other forms of protein more. I am still eating dairy like it's going out of style. 

Anyway, back to my appointment.

She found her heart beat SUPER fast, which made me excited. At my 12 week, we had to look around a bit before we found it. It was nice finding it so fast this time. Right at the right pace, so good job Miss! Then I started asking her TONS of questions about birth stuff. I had a mini freak out on Wednesday night about giving birth and was telling Jake I wasn't sure I could do it. Getting to ask her all my questions made me feel a lot more comfortable, and how professionally she handled it made me comfortable talking about pretty personal stuff. I am so glad I have a guarantee that the person delivering my baby will be a girl!

Overall it was a great appointment. Other than hearing her heart beat and asking questions, not too eventful. My next appointment at 20 weeks we have our ultrasound, so we can confirm that little miss is actually a little miss! And we will get to make sure that everything is going great medically! That appointment is August 19. That's going to be a GREAT couple of days, since we are getting sealed on our anniversary! Yay for August!

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