Friday, July 26, 2013

17 weeks - a sweet potato

So I decided that I am going to blog my week changes on the day I change. This'll be pretty short since I just barely blogged my 16 weeks, but here's my 17 week post! Miss Kaycee is now the size of a sweet potato.

Not a whole lot has changed in the last few days.  I did realize that I forgot to mention all my headaches. I am getting TONS of headaches. Not sure why. And I don't EVER drink soda, so people keep mentioning maybe caffeine will help. I seriously hope it doesn't get to the point that I need to do that. I am just taking TONS of Tylenol each day. And it's starting to get old. The Tylenol only lasts for a few hours and then I need to take it again. Good times right. I don't think the heat is helping either. It is SOOOO hot outside right now!
I still absolutely love being pregnant. I love this little miss. It's crazy how strong I feel about her already, even though I haven't ever seen her, and I can't feel her. I really do love her already. I didn't think that would happen yet. Goes to show how heart less I am haha. But I do - she's already got me wrapped around her itty bitty fingers.
I can't wait until we get to the 20 week mark so that we can start working on her room and her dresser. We are going to try to get the things moved out of her room that aren't for her this weekend, but we aren't going to paint or anything until the 20 week mark like I promised Jake. It's hard to wait! At the same time, it's nice having that to look forward to.
Miss Kaycee, mom sure loves you. Try to move around a little more so maybe I can feel you this week :)

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