Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Man In The Moon

Last Jake & I spent a good chunk of our day sleeping in. We got out of bed at noon, rushed to get ready and drove to his parents house to spend some time with them. Jake, his dad & his older brother Dustin went for a Razor ride in the canyon with a family friend, Preston. While they were gone, Jake's mom & I went shopping for some house d├ęcor stuff {I'll post pictures of that soon!}. Afterwards, we relaxed at the house and waited for the boys to come back. They got home, we talked on the porch and then had some Papa Murphy's pizza together. And just as the night was winding down, Jake's dad showed us this trailer for Glenn Beck's "The Man In The Moon".

Gotta admit, it was way cool. The concept is that there is a man in the moon that has watched man develop since the time of Adam & Eve. It's the story of man, from the moon's perspective. Nothing like that had ever been done before. Pretty cool concept right? So Jake asked when the show was going to be. That night. Like in an hour and a half. And tickets had been sold out for MONTHS.

After watching the trailer, we were all kinda bummed we'd never get the chance to see it - it's a one a time show, and no tickets were available. We all went back to watching TV, relaxing on the couches when we hear Jake's dad calling someone with an ad on KSL, asking to buy their tickets. It took a little sweet talking, but he was able to get 4 VIP, reserved tickets for WAY less than general admission grass seats, let alone how much these tickets should have ACTUALLY cost. The "downside" was that we had to RUSH to get to USANA - in West Valley - because the show started in 45 minutes.

We FLEW up there, parked, walked in and found our seats. They were AWESOME seats - we were SO close to the stage! It had been raining, and most of the seats around us were wet and people were wearing poncho's or garbage bags to keep dry. We had brought blankets and hoodies, but hadn't brought anything water proof. Fortunately, it only drizzled on us!

View of the stage during the pre-show
Had to take a couple pictures with my sexy hubby!
He's so fun. I just love him!
We sat in Suite 9 - seriously they were AMAZING seats. Thanks Dad!!
Mom & Dad before the show started
When they were ready to start around 9:30, they had Ken Hutcherson say the opening prayer. He is a former Dallas Cowboy's football player, currently a reverend and has stage 4 cancer. He said an awesome, slightly different, prayer and then we got ready for the national anthem.

Picture of Ken Hutcherson
The national anthem presentation was one of the coolest things I have EVER seen in my life. They had two men dresses in military blues UPSIDE DOWN above the moon unfold the flag and hang it...
Saluting each other before they released the flag
They hung the flag upside down

They lowered the flag down to two men at stage level

And then they pulled the flag back to the top, and folded it back up - all while being upside down! It was so cool! They didn't drop the flag, they folded it perfectly, and then turned and "walked" to the edge of stage before flipping right side up and being lowered to the stage.

Jake's dad explained to us that the flag upside down symbolizes that they are in distress. Kinda fitting for how things are going in our country right now... Just sayin'.

Glenn Beck came out to talk before the show
And then we watched the show! It was 90 minutes long and was SUPER cool. Because of the weather we have been having, the holiday and such, the crew had not been able to have a full dress rehearsal yet. Not once! And the show went pretty dang awesome! Jake & I only saw one flaw, but it was easily covered and didn't make a big difference. The man in the moon talked about Adam & Eve, Noah, the building of the tower in Babylon {at least I think that's the story he was referring to}, Lincoln, the slaves and the Civil War, World War II, Hitler, and the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. The story was based off of a book that Glenn Beck found in a library in Chicago {?}. That book must have been written a while ago, it "ended" after the Hiroshima bombing. That part was really sad. Glenn Beck came out after that and talked about how he had decided to "add" to the book, since that was 70 ish years ago and time has passed since then. It showed a press conference I haven't ever heard with President Kennedy in it. The moon talked about how he didn't know how we were going to end, because we can still choose what happens from here.

It honestly was very cool. A lot of political undertones, for sure, but it also had a lot of spiritual meaning to it too. The moon, when he wanted to make the people stop hurting each other, would always ask the "great light" {the sun} what they should do, and "the sun" always answered in ways that were very much like what Heavenly Father has told us - that we have our agency, and he won't take that away, but that the "beasts" {that's us} could have negative consequences for forgetting to acknowledge the "great light". Seriously, it was an awesome show.

Afterwards, we walked back to the car VERY slowly since we knew we wouldn't be getting out anytime soon - there were SOO many people there and the parking lot was a zoo. We talked in the car for a while and waited until the parking lot thinned out and then we drove home. I was starting to not feel so great, probably because we had done a lot that day {that's usually when I feel sick - after a day of LOTS of things going on} so I laid on Jake's lap and fell asleep. I woke up just as we got back to Jake's parents house right after 1:30 AM. Yeah, that is SUPER late for us haha. We gathered up our stuff and drove home and got there just before 2. And we slept ALL day the next day - I felt SO nauseous all day Sunday as a result of our adventurous Saturday, but it was a really neat experience and I am SO glad we were able to go!

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