Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

Yesterday was the 4th of July and like the awesome photographer that I am, I did not take a SINGLE picture! Seriously?! Our friend Kariann snapped one of us at the fireworks, so you get just one picture after reading ALL these words haha!

Jake & I started the day out around 9 with me not feeling very good so I took a bath to relax, then we got ready and headed to Salt Lake to get my dad so that we could spend the day with him. We went to Carl's Jr. for lunch and then went to Jordan Commons to see Man of Steel. We liked it - it's different though. But overall it was pretty good. After lunch we went to Smith's real fast and got some meat to BBQ and some chips to take to our neighborhood BBQ potluck dinner, bought some fireworks and then headed home to take care of Max before we went over to the BBQ.

The BBQ was at the Liddiard's backyard in our neighborhood. They live in Chase Circle, so the event was called the "Chase Circle of Fire". Ok seriously - I have the best neighborhood EVER! There were amazing salads that everyone brought, and the Liddiard's had made TONS of cheesy potatoes in dutch ovens, along with desserts and like 4 different kinds of meat - ham, turkey, roasted chicken & teriyaki chicken - all in dutch ovens. SOOOOO yummy. My dad mostly hung out around us and talked with a few people while we were in line for food. There was enough food that we were all able to get seconds too! Seriously, SOOOO yummy!!

After dinner, Jake & I were getting tired and were worried about having the energy to drive my dad home after we were done with fireworks, so I took him home before fireworks started. Jake stayed at the neighborhood shin-dig so my dad & I could have some time to talk while I drove him home. It was good getting to see him, and I am really glad that I know he had plans on the 4th and didn't end up spending it by himself.

After I dropped him off, I booked it back to the neighborhood and got there JUST as they started the fireworks. Ok, most amazing neighborhood firework show I have EVER seen. EVERYONE bought fireworks to contribute and there was AT LEAST 200 people there, if not more. We had SOOOO many fireworks going off at once, plus kids passing out sparklers and glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets. The Liddiard's had music playing so it just turned into a big dance party while we sat and watched the fireworks going off in the sky around us. It was SOOOO much fun!

Love this guy!!
I am so grateful for the neighborhood I live in. I have amazing friends there, and people in the same life situation as us - people are the same age, have younger kids, been married about the same amount of time as us, plus we have a LOT of neighbors who share the same religion as us. It's SOOO nice having friends that share so many things in common with us! And then getting to celebrate holidays with our ward family was just the icing on top of an already great day. I slept like a ROCK last night since I was so tired from the day, which was nice. I love when I am able to fall right asleep!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful 4th of July!!

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