Wednesday, July 10, 2013

14 weeks - a navel orange

Last Friday, I officially hit 2nd Trimester! And supposedly, that comes hand in hand with more energy & less nausea. So far, that is not the case haha. But it's only been a few days - maybe I need to give it a little time first?

Nausea is coming back, almost like how it was before I started taking my B6 + Unisom combo. But then I eat and feel better, almost every single time. And that's so weird to me! I don't like needing to eat every single time I feel gross, because it happens quite a bit haha. I'm having a hard time with the fact that my pant size is changing so much. My Old Navy stuff came today and YEAH NO that stuff does NOT fit. AWESOME! NOT. I've heard maternity sizes are weird - let's go with THAT as why my stuff doesn't fit. I am planning on going to look at some clothes IN PERSON soon - online sizing is just not gonna work this pregnancy since I have NO idea what size I am.

Ok enough whining. Onto the baby!

So I am 14 weeks and 5 days as of today. That's kinda crazy that I am 2 days from 15 weeks. For some reason, that sounds kinda far along to me. But 14? Nope that doesn't sound far along at all haha. The baby is the size of a navel orange this week. They're getting so big!! I feel like my tummy is getting tighter, rather than just bloat-ey. I'm starting to see a VERY small little bump too! WOOT!

I had my first dream about the baby on Monday, while I was taking my nap after I threw up. And I dreamt it was a boy. I remember in my dream that he didn't have any hair {just like my Jake} and was so cute and NOT chubby. I love not chubby babies. I think that was my subconscious though - as I have said, and Jake has said, we both kinda hope it's a boy. And I was so happy after my dream. But today, I totally feel like it's a girl and like we need to wrap our heads around that haha. Guess we'll find out - 18 week appointment with the doctor to find out what we are having is set for July 30. Only 20 more days!

Screenshot of my app the day I hit 2nd Trimester! Woot!
It's very reassuring to remind myself this pregnancy will NOT last forever. And there will be a wonderful little reward for us at the end. I have a few friends who have recently had babies and they posted their birth stories on their blogs. Seeing how hard it is, and then the IMMEDIATE gratification of seeing your baby for the first time, brings me to tears every single time. I know I can do this. And I know it will be worth it. And I am SO excited to be a mom!

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  1. Pregnancy clothes are weird...and just when all your clothes fit, you expand again and nothing fits. I was wearing small maternity clothes at the beginning, but by the end I was wearing XLs for pants. I was definitely not expecting that, but my hips kept getting bigger and bigger at the end (to make room for Ruby, I guess)!

    Fortunately, the swelling, and hip and chest expansion all goes away after the baby's born. And one of the best things that you can do for weight loss afterwards is breastfeed, if you're planning on doing that. I hope you feel better soon--pregnancy sickness is the pits!