Friday, May 17, 2013

No More

Last week I decided I wanted to take my extensions out - made it a whole 4 months haha. I love them, but they are expensive, and I feel like I have to be SOOO careful with them or they'll come out. And I realize they aren't as expensive as they could be but still - $60 or $70 every month adds up. And I know some people spend that much on getting their hair colored. I don't. So I decided to take them out to save some money!

The last time I really did my hair curly - gonna miss those long locks

I did it straight or up everyday after, since I knew they were coming out and didn't want to spend tons of time on it everyday
My amazing hair girl Kariann wasn't available to get me in for a little while, so I had my neighbor Betsey take them out for me. She did an awesome job getting them out without pulling my real hair out, and got all the hair glue out, and then did a great job shaping my hair since I haven't had a real hair cut in a while!

In the car leaving Betsey's
On the couch the next day
So far I really like my hair. I totally miss my long hair, but I can get ready SOOOOO much faster now. Blowing my hair dry takes less than 3 minutes. Straightening and teasing is over in less than 7. So I can do my hair in less than 10 minutes. Took me that long to dry it before! And I can run my fingers through my hair and in the shower and not be worried about pulling anything out! And Jake has been touching my hair again, which I really missed. At the same time it's annoying when I get my hair just right and he pulls it out but oh well. I'll take it! Hopefully it grows quick now that I'm on prenatals and I can have my same length of hair but naturally soon!!

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